February 4, 2023

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Crazy Couple. Episode 18

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????????CRAZY COUPLE????????

{She’s stubborn ???? He’s arrogant}

Written by Eunice Nwodu????
Short story????


Jeremy and I arrived at the party which was taking place at Jeffery’s mansion.

I wore jean with a black top and a scarf around my neck.

The maid received us and took us to the garden where there was a long round table filled with drinks.

Jeffrey got up and half hugged Jeremy.

“Welcome brother…” He grouse.

I glanced at the table.
There were three girls around but I recognized one. She was one of my classmates back in highschool, Samantha.

Jeffrey smirked.
“You brought wifey…” He grinned.

“As*hole” I muttered glaring at him.

“Nice to see you too nerd–”

He didn’t complete his statement as Jeremy shot him a stare.

He chuckled and raised his hands showing he surrendered.

“So she can insult me but I can’t” he groaned.
“Do you value your balls?” Jeremy dead panned and he stepped back again.

“Am just kidding bro. don’t kill me, today’s my day” he said and returned to his seat.

Jeremy walked to the table and sat down.
I sat three seats away from him.
He’s not my babysitter.

Suddenly, Peter and another guy walked towards us from the mansion.

Peter had a cigarette in his mouth smoking.
A rap song was playing from a speaker.
he just had to seat close to me.

“Hey sunshine” he said and dropped his hand on my seat.

“Hey punk-as* bi*ch” I greeted and he scoffed.

“You’re a naughty woman” he grinned and put the cigar back into his mouth.

I took a bottle of beer and drank from it.
So bitter…

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Samantha got up and began dancing.
She’s good..

“Come here baby” Jeffrey said and licked his lips.

Sam went to him and pulled up her mini skirt and began twerking on his lap.
I rolled my eyes and drank my beer some more.

“You look less ugly Stella. Did you go for plastic surgery?” Peter teased outloud and Jeffrey laughed.

I scoffed.

“I can see your pants are tight and your c°ck is a bit more visible. Did you go for penis enlargement? If yes then I better call your ex girlfriend Gianna and let her know your pimp isn’t as short as an eraser now” I replied and everyone else gasped except Jeremy.

He chuckled and dropped his phone on the table.

“Woah…you turned me off” Peter smirked looking suprised and a bit embarrassed.

“Trust me, am not the Stella you used to know” I jibed feeling quite good about myself.

“Oh really?….Jeremy how are you dealing with this little se×y tiger? Does she bite?” Jeffrey said and Jeremy rolled his eyes.

“Don’t poke the bear you motherfu°ker” he replied glaring at Jeff.

“You know what?
Let we the ladies go into the house and have our own party.
While you boys talk” Sam said and the two other girls agreed to her suggestion.

I stood up and followed them inside the mansion.


I laughed outloud as it reached my turn again. We were playing a game and whoever lost would drink a cup of tequila and vodka missed together. More like whisky.

I think am going drunk already and so was the girls since we can’t stop laughing.

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“Okay…okay, have you ever given Jeremy a blowjob naked?” Sam asked laughing.

“No” I replied and they passed me a glass.

“Drink it! Drink it!” They sang and I gulped the whole content in the bottle with my head spinning.

The funny thing is that we’re all drunk and being truthful about the questions.

“Jeremy is going to kill me for making his wife drunk” Sam said turning on the stool.

I had a hiccup.
I reached for the bottle of whisky.
the girls, Linda and Kate tried to take the bottle from me.

“That’s enough!” They yelped.
I kept dragging the bottle with them.

“You should have said you can’t handle much alcohol, geeeeeeez!” Kate said and forced the bottle out of my hand.

“How was it? Was it heaven or hell?” Peter asked still smoking.

I twitched.

“She was good down there though I didn’t get to explore her. She was crying and I just had to pull out before my d°ck murders her” I replied.

“I knew she would be too sweet cause of her nice round as•. Damn! Am already hard men. Just hearing you describe her pu*s*. I need to shut this party down and go deal with this hardness” Jeffrey said relaxing back on his chair.

“I never imagined Stella could change so much to a beautiful heavy chick” Pete said.

“Shut the hell up you jerk. That’s somebody’s wife you dreaming of fvcking” Jeff said and hit Peter on his head.

I ignored them and continued reading news on social media.

Just then, the girls arrived holding Stella like she couldn’t walk.

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They helped her eat beside me.
I glanced at her closely.
Oh…She’s drunk.

“Am deeply sorry men…we didn’t know the alcohol will have so much effect on her” one of the girls said and I didn’t even spare her a glance.

Sam was drunk too.
She fell on the floor turning her head about.

I felt like beating Stella till she cried.
Why would she drink with this freaks when she knows she can’t handle it.

Peter licked her lips.

“She’s damn tight for sure” he remarked.

I took an empty bottle from the table and threw it at him.
Lucky for him, he dodged it.


Stella rubbed her eyes and stood up.
She walked to me and sat on my lap.
Did she just do that?

She circled her hands around my neck.
“From now on, you’re my wife” she said and dropped her head on my shoulder.

Then she raised her head up again and kissed me. My eyes widened.
I did not see that coming at all.

She began saying gibberish.