October 15, 2021

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Crazy Couple. Episode 19

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????????CRAZY COUPLE????????

{She’s stubborn ???? He’s arrogant}

Written by Eunice Nwodu????
Short story????


I woke up with my head hurting so much. I looked around the bedroom. Jeremy must have taken me home from yesterday’s party.

I can’t believe I got drunk for the first time in my life. I hope I didn’t embarrass myself.

I looked down at my body.
I was wearing my singlet upwards.
Oh, Jeremy removed my shirt.
How unusual of him.

He walked into the room smartly dressed in his suit.
He glanced at me and rolled his eyes.

“You’re so insecure Stella. You should have licked the floor too” he said and I gasped.

“I licked the floor?”.

“You licked my sneaker. You couldn’t stop kissing it” he said and I squeezed my face.

“Ew! I’ll never do that” I retorted.

“But you did”.

I shook my head.

“Even if am drugged, I’ll never stoop so low” I muttered.

He smirked.
What’s that look on his face?
Did I really lick and kiss his sneakers?
Am going to brush my teeth three times for sure.

He took his phones from the drawer.

“No breakfast in bed today?” I asked and he scoffed.

“That s*it is never happening again” he dead panned.

I noticed his lips looked pale.
I wanted to ask him about it but I waved it off cause he’s a proud jerk.

Let him look hideous. I really shouldn’t care.

He left the room slamming the door behind him.

I grinned and fell back on the bed.

What if Jeremy is Inlove with me and he doesn’t know how to express it so he’s being mean.

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Who knows?

I sat on my bed still sobbing.
Am still affected by what happened two days ago.

Tristan hitting me like I was nobody to him.

Like I was the one behind his anger.

I locked myself up in my room and he hasn’t even knocked on the door to check up on me.

What do I do with Tristan?

Does he even love me??

I grabbed my phone and threw it at the wall and it shattered.

That jerk.

He doesn’t love me!

But we’ve been together for years now.
I’ve been by his side, why can’t he love me?

What’s his reason?

I heard a knock on the door and I froze.

“Yvonne. Am sorry love. Please open the door” I heard his devilish voice say.

“Bravo Tristan! It took you two days to pull down your ego and come to apologize to me? Go to hell!” I half yelled in fury.

“Am sorry Yvonne…I mean it. I was extra angry. Trust me Yvonne, I’ll never hurt a woman like that. I was just damn annoyed”.

I sniffed and used a pillow to cover my ears.

This man doesn’t love me.

But why can’t he love me?

He does.

Tristan loves me.

I was still in bed watching an early morning movie which happened to be damn interesting.

Suddenly, the door opened and Jeremy walked in.

What’s he doing back here?
He left for work not long ago.

I watched him throw his briefcase to a corner and pull his jacket off.

He fell on the bed beside me groaning.


I got off the bed and rushed to stand before him.

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Is this Jeremy?

His face was pale and dry.

“I think I got a fever” he muttered.

I dropped my palm on his head.
He’s so hot.

I chuckled.

“It’s the honeymoon ghost at work. I told you Jeremy. There’s always bad luck that comes to those that defile the honeymoon protocol…” I said amused.

“stop saying nonsense and turn off the AC!” He growled shaking a bit.

I took the Air conditioner remote and pressed the off button.

“God! Get me my sweater..t-the thick one” he stuttered and I went to the closet and grabbed his sweater.

I returned to the room to see him shirtless.

He took the sweater from me and wore it quickly.

“Clo..close the windows” he ordered and I quickly obeyed.

“Get a hold of my cellphone and get in touch with my nurse” He muttered covering himself with a duvet.

I took one of his phone from the drawer and moved away from the room.

I scrolled through his contacts and saw a contact with the saved name ‘sweet nurse’.

I tapped on it.
Oh…he even fixed the lady’s photo.

I zoomed into the photo and gasped at what I saw.

Is she a nurse or a slut?

Her nurse uniform hugged tightly to her body and her curves were fully exposed.

I can’t have such a person under this roof.
I might kill her with jealousy cause she was far prettier than me…
Or was it the make up that made her look better?

No way.

I walked back into the room.

“The nurse’s number is switched off. Sorry” I said beaming.

“Call the doctor then…” He said and I went through his contacts again.

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Wait a sec,
The doctor is also a woman!????????

“She’s not available at the moment. Why don’t i take care of you Jeremy?” I suggested.

He coughed instantly.

I’ll make a good nurse for sure????