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Crazy Couple. Episode 25

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????????CRAZY COUPLE????????

{She’s Stubborn ???? He’s arrogant}

Written ✍ by Eunice Nwodu☔

Episode 25

I did everything I could to get home and make sure Stella is safe.

I canceled the meeting though the investors and the board weren’t happy about it but I gave no damn.

I just wanted to be with my wife.

The house seemed like there was no one around when I got into the living room drenched from the rain.

“Stella?!” I called scanning the whole place with my eyes…

I went upstairs and went into our bedroom.
She’s not here.
Where is she?

I called her a few more times..
Why is she not picking up?

After feeding Kelvin.
I took an umbrella and went out in the rain to get my phone.

The rain was so heavy and waved with so much fierce with the wind.
The wind tried to blow the umbrella I was holding but I held onto it with both hands.

I was already drenched from head to toe. I opened my car and grabbed my handbag and phone before making my way back to the house.

The wind became more severe and the umbrella left my grip.
I had to run inside amidst the wind and harsh rain.

I dropped the bag on the table before heading into a room for privacy.
I removed my shirt leaving just my bra and singlet.

My body was still wet and my hair as well.

I turned on my phone.
Jesus Christ!!!
20 missed calls from Jeremy!

My teeth began to waver and I shivered.
Am so dead.

The phone began ringing again and I picked it up placing it on my ear.

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“Where are you!?” He asked cutting me off.

I gulped.
“Am at Kelvin’s house…”.

“Who the hell is Kelvin?!” He asked and I almost jumped on my pants..

“Kelvin. From highschool. The one that’s always with me. My best friend” I tried to explain though I was panicking deep inside.

“Connect to video chat” he ordered and I brought the phone from my ear and looked into it.

I was able to see him now and he could see me too but he didn’t look happy one bit.


He hung up and I gasped.
He’s so mad at me.

I called him back but his phone was switched off.
Who knows if he’ve smashed his phone again.????

I sighed.
I feel so guilty.
I returned to the living room and helped Kelvin up.

“Thank you bestie” he said and I tried not to look worried.

“What of your sister?” I asked remembering he’s an orphan.
The only person he has is his sister.

“She wasn’t picking my calls…so I called you” he replied as I helped him walk to his bedroom.

“Am taking you to the hospital first thing tomorrow morning, you got that?” I stated and he nodded.

????????NEXT MORNING????????
I got up early before going to Kelvin’s room to get him ready for the hospital.

Since we are best friends, I had no problem helping him bath and wear his close.
I made breakfast and he ate till he was full.

I checked the time, it’s almost 7 in the morning.
Am keeping to time cause Jeremy leaves the house by sharp 7:30.
I need to meet him and set things right.

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I helped Kelvin into my car before going to lock his door.
The weather was bright and not so scary like last night. But the ground still looked drenched and wet leaves scattered.
What a weather.

I got back into the car and drove to the hospital as fast as I could.

I parked infront of my house and checked the time..
Jeremy’s car was parked outside.
He’s still in.
Thank Goodness!

I got out the car with everything I bought at the mall yesterday. It’s too much but I carried it though.

I walked into the kitchen and dropped everything on the counter.

My breath hitched the moment I saw Jeremy operating his phone as he drank from a coffee mug.

He’s ready for work.
I walked to him slowly.

“Jeremy. Good…morning” I stuttered rubbing my hands together.

He didn’t act like I just said something.

“Kelvin was sick Jeremy. He called me and he needed help…and…”

“You fu*ked yourselves till you remembered there’s a fool waiting for you at home and then you decided to answer the call and fake distress” he said before I could finish.

“What?” I asked shock.

“All you needed was just for me to deflower you and then you can go around sharing your pu*s*” he scoffed.

“Jeremy, what are you saying? I didn’t even share a room with him” I objected shaking my head.

He didn’t say anything as he took his remaining phone from the counter and left the kitchen.
I went after him with my heart beating like a party drum.

Jeremy please, you have to understand me.