December 2, 2023

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Crazy Couple. Episode 7

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????????CRAZY COUPLE????????

{She’s stubborn ???? He’s arrogant}

Written by Eunice Nwodu????
Short story????


I felt like a total loser. Jeremy doesn’t care about me. I see it now.

But what do we do about this?
The men I hired to act like rapists…What are they going to do now?

Jeremy must not know I hired them.

He told them to rape me.

“You heartless man!” The one on top of me snickered getting up.

“Your d**k deserves to be chopped off!” The other one said letting go of Jeremy.

I was carried up and the men left looking quite astonished and disappointed.

I faced the jerk.

“Jeremy, I hate you!” I yelled rushing to him.

He got up on the couch and jumped over it to the other side.

I ran after him as he headed for the stairs laughing.

Oh God!

What an insolent human being!

He ran into our bedroom and I joined him.

I took a pillow and attacked him with it. I hit him on his tummy and he fell on the bed.

I kept hitting him with the pillow until he was able to grab his.

He faced me and a rough pillow fight ensued.

“That’s enough. Don’t let me hurt you” he snared and hit the pillow on my head making my hair a total mess.

“You really wanted them to touch me!, you’re a monster!” I rapsed and hit the pillow right on his face.

Thank God the pillows are hard and not so soft.

“You’re going to give me a headache!” He yelped.

I raised the pillow up high ready to descend it on his head but he grabbed me by my waist and carried me up making me drop the pillow.

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“Jeremy!” I screamed dangling my legs in the air.

“You want me dead. How can you want me to die so young, you little witch?” He growled walking to the bathroom with me still on his shoulder.

“What are you doing?!!” I yelled.

“Relax. By the time am done with you, you’ll never invite strangers to my house to threaten me again”.

He dropped me in the empty bathtub and ran out of the bathroom.

Before I could say ‘jack’, he closed the door locking me in.

“Jeremy! You’re going to regret this!” I yelled standing to my feet.

I heard him laugh.

“I wished they raped you. I would have earned alot of money from recording you scream” he said.

“I’ll tell your mom what you did. Everything!” I yelled helplessly.

“Yea…whatever. Goodnight Stella” he said and I could heat him leaving from the door.

“Jeremy! The night is cold. I might freeze to death!” I yelled banging at the door.

“Get comfy. See you in the morning Stella” he sajd as he left the room.

Like a video, the horrible memory played in my mind.
I remember it all.
Jeremy’s friends.
The day they locked me up at the janitor’s closet when school was over.

I was released the next day by the janitor.
Jeremy is so evil.

I knew it was all his doing.

Back then, I was the little naive girl.

I have to show this monster what Stella is capable of…

Tomorrow is the day????

“Tristan, please…” I cried knocking on his door.

He locked me out.

He said if I don’t get rid of Stella, he’ll break up with me.

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I can’t do without him.

He’s all I’ve got.

I left my family because of him.
And now he’s treating me like an outcast.

“Please baby, I promise I’ll do things right. Please just let me sleep beside you. I love you Tristan” I wavered feeling shattered.

The door opened and I see his angry face.
He walked into the room and fell on his bed.
Thank God!

I went after him and laid on the bed trying to distance myself from him so he doesn’t get mad.

“Come close” I heard him say and I turned to see him staring at me.

I sniffed and rolled to him.
He held onto me.

“Wipe the tears Yvonne. I don’t like seeing you in tears.

“All am saying is for you to set things right. We need the wealth babe. Don’t you want us to be seen as the richest couple in the whole country?” He asked and I nodded.

I cleaned my tears and he kissed me.

“I have a plan but it can only be carried out by you” he said and I shuddered.

What does he have in mind??

I curled up on the bed enjoying my sleep.
I had to sleep at the guestroom.

I admit yesterday was damn crazy.

I suddenly perceived roasted corn.
No, roasted…metal?

I turned to my side as the air was disturbing.

What’s that smell??

I got up from the bed and went to the window where the bad air was heavily coming from.

I touched the window knobs and slightly looked down.

My eyes nearly popped out of it’s socket.

What’s that on fire??

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Is that my….

I ran downstairs practically flying.

I arrived at the damn scene.

My Benz is on fire????????????