September 25, 2023

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Living With Mr. Arrogant. Chapter 1

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{14 Days In His Bed}

Rated 18+ (Readers Discretion advised)

Written by Author Izna.
©Youngicee Stories.

Chapter 01.


I rock my hips to the sound of the music booming through the entire room with thousands of men eyes on me.

Each of them with an undeniable lust.

Each of them wanting a one night stand from me and each of them who are willing to pay just to watch me dance.

I gently roll down the pole, wrapping my legs around it and attaching my body to it, making sure it holds it tightly.

With that, I swipe my head to the back and push my chest up as I flash a smile to the men who all want to have a taste of me.

I giggle as I roll back up and swipe my hips, the stripping dress I’m putting on which is just a short gown that has a pant at the end and stops at my hips brush upper.

It has a net over my chest and my cleavage is slightly shown.

I chuckle before rolling around the pole, kicking my leg up before sliding down it then shaking my butt to the loud blazing of the music and they all roar, all running towards me and my laugh booms through as I feel more than confident to have thousands of men at my feet.


“That was a good show Kathryn. I expect more of it next time. ”

The manager flashes me a smile and I return it as I bow to him and quickly walk away, heading towards the changing room.

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I glance quickly at the clock as a yawn escapes through my throat.

I’m late that usual today and that’s because the b***h that was before me took forever to get ready.

It’s past midnight and almost three in the morning and I have to get up seven tomorrow or my prick of a boss will find a excuse to punish me like he’s always tending to do.

“Hey babe. ”

Carly walks in and gives me a peck to my cheek and I smile as I successfully got out of the stripping cloth.
Carly is already dressed in house wears and I breathe out as I turn to her to help me with my clothes.

Carly is my friend. Best friend I’ve actually, well it isn’t like I have any friends either but she’s the best friend any girl could ever wish for.

She’s also a stripper like me and she’s actually the one that introduced me to this job.

I still remember when she had first told me about it.

I had turned her down but I badly needed money, I just had to agree and now, I actually love it.

It’s fun than I thought.

Carly and I live together or let’s say I live with her since I’m the one that moved in and she has grown to be more of a sister and less of a friend in the past few years.

“That show was legit. You should have seen managers face. His eyes were popping out of their socket and I’m sure the D*** was hard underneath with just watching you. ”

She grins and I roll my eyes before getting into my jean and a top.

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I grab my bag and slung it on my shoulder before loosing my hair and removing the mask I have in.

The mask is to conceal my identity.
Hey, what do you think? I can’t be working as a stripper without using a mask.

It’s gonna affect my daily life and I’m sure if that prick that’s my boss finds out that I work as a stripper. He would definitely fire me.

You must be wondering why I hate him when he’s my boss?

That’s for another day.

Carly and I walk outside of the building and into the car as we hit the road and sing along to Tatiana monaios song. Me and love don’t get along.

Since I’ve been watching the girl, this is the only sing I know that she sings and it actually makes sense.

“Hey, how’s everything going with your hot boss?! ”

Carly yells over the music and I roll my eyes.

“I don’t know. He’s as grumpy and arrogant as always.

I think I will have to teach him a lesson these days. ”

I sigh and she shakes her head.

“I still don’t get why you are not jumping at him already.

Hell, I would have if I had been working with him.

He’s so hot, I wish I could have just a one night stand. ”

She beams dreamily and I chuckle, shaking my head.

Yeah, he’s hot but he’s insane in upstairs.

“And I wish I could just beat him up one day. ”
I laugh and she joins me as I starts singing along to the music.

I love my f****ng life.