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Living With Mr. Arrogant. Episode 21

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{14 Nights In His Bed}

©️Youngicee Stories.

Episode 21.



My heart is beating so fast against my chest and my mouth is wide open as I stare at him with my eyes almost bulging out of its sockets and he smiles at me, taking two more steps closer to me.
I can feel the heat radiating off both our bodies and this is the closest I have ever been to him after that night of the kidnapping he had saved me but this isn’t the time to think about that right now.
I should think about the fact that he knows! He knows everything! He knows that I’m the one behind the mask.

I thought he didn’t when he had came to me, how did he end up knowing overnight? I’m sure that manager must have told him!
Oh god. What would happen now?
He would probably finally send me out of the office. He had been waiting and wanting to do that ever since I stepped foot into this office.

“You thought you could fool me without me finding out in the process that you have been going against my rules and regulations. Now I have enough reasons to fire you without no one asking me why I did. ”
He smirks and I bend my head immediately tears threatening to roll down my cheeks but I sniff immediately, pushing them right back.
I’m not gonna appear weak and pathetic in front of him.

I know what I did wasn’t right but I did it because I need to. I needed to make money and been a stripper alone or working for him alone would definitely not have been enough.
The debts are just too much and I had my other alternative but it have result to this.
I should known that it would be this in the end and there’s nothing I can do about it this time around.

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“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to but I needed the money. ”

“By been a stripper even though you’re working for one of the most reputable company in the country. What if one of my opponents had found out about this and decide to use it against me. The facts that one of my workers shamelessly dance for men to lust after her body! ”
He yells, not too loud but enough to make me jump right where I’m standing.

“That’s why I always use a mask. To conceal my identity because I know it would be great risk it I didn’t. ”
I mouths and he scoff.

“You think because you’re always using a mask. It actually makes everything alright?! ”
I shake my head immediately.

“No, it doesn’t make anything alright but you would have done the same in my position. What I’m simply asking of you is for you to please understand me and understand that I didn’t do this willingly. Please let me keep this job. ”
I plead. It was my last choice. The last chance I have.

“No, I shouldn’t let you keep this job cause you have been so disrespectful right from the start of it all. I should chase you right from this company this very instant but still.. ”
He stops and I raise my head. But?

“The deal is still on. “

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