February 5, 2023

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Possessive Billiomaire. Episode 9

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????{My Boss Demands}????

Episode 09. His First Demand.




My breathing got stuck up in my throat as he smiles at me before moving back away and walking towards the door. I have no idea of what he’s thinking of doing until he closes the door and I almost gasp. Oh god, what is he thinking of doing now? What’s happening right now?

He turns back to me and slowly walk back towards me while I stand there, transfixed in the same place that I have been since I entered the office and not been able to move an inch.

“Now, talking about that demand. ”
He smiles at me once again, his dimples popping out and I try not to think about the way he looked when it does that. He moves more closer to me, his eyes boring into mine and even though I want to look away from him, I can’t.
Even though I want to move back with each step that he takes towards me, I can’t and it’s almost like he has me compelled. Like I’m strapped under his trap and I can’t just do another else.

He finally stops moving when he’s dangerously close right to me, I could feel his breath right in my face and I watch his face glows even more now that he is close to me.

I stare at his face as he stares into mine and I try to study his eyes even though that isn’t what I should be doing right now.
I should be moving away from him and keeping my distance but my brain isn’t connecting with what my mind is saying and I just stand there.

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“Tell me what happened between you and Sebastian. ”
He mutters and I breathe out in relief after he had asked that. The was his demand. Oh god. I had thought that he would want me to do something… For him.

My cheeks heats up when I realized that I had such dirty thoughts and I shake my head to stop thinking about it and finally answer his question.

“Nothing happened between us. ”
That’s the truth. Nothing happened between us, it was just a one time meeting and ever since then, I had been so afraid of him cause that way I am in a very bad mood when I had first met him and I had been so rude to him before I actually find out who he truly is.

“Well, it doesn’t seem look nothing cause the way he looks at you… ”
He stops talking as his eyes darted as he says those words while my heart beat faster against my chest as I ponder about why he would be like that but I know he wouldn’t hurt me.

“Like he wants something from you. Like he wants you to be his… Like something had happened between the two of you in the past. ”
With each word that he says, his eyes darkens even more and his voice gets hoarse even more with each word.

“Nothing happened between us. ”
I repeat my words once again and he raises his brows at me, letting me know that that wasn’t the answer he expected from me.

“Nothing happened between us is all you have to know. You asked me to keep a line between my personal life and my working life. This is me putting a line between them. Nothing happened between us is the working line not if you want to know about what happened between us truly, that’s intruding my personal life and according to you sir, it’s unprofessional isn’t it? ”
I raise my brows at him and he just stares at me with no emotion across his face.
I have absolutely no idea where those words had come from but I’m glad that I had said them.

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“Alright Lyla.. ”
He says with a smirk and I don’t know if he intentionally say that, knowing that him calling out my name like that makes my stomach turns and tightens. My body slightly shivering and I wonder truly, how exactly does he do that?

Is it him or is it just the fact that I’m going more and more crazy with each second spent with him?