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Possessive Billionaire. Episode 8

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????{My Boss Demands}????

Episode 08.




I quickly move away from the hall and turn away when I sight Sebastian coming, oh god this is such a disaster.

“Lyla. ”
He calls when he gets to me and my breathing almost got caught in my throat as I slowly turn back to look at him and he’s smiling at me.

“It really is you. I will make sure that I do get what I want from you. Alexander can’t stop me. ”
He smirks and I don’t understand a thing of what he’s saying neither do I want to either.

He nods his head before walking away and I release the breath I didn’t even realize that I was holding.

Holding my hand against my chest, I shake my head before walking down the hallway that leads to his office once again when some voices start coming out of there.
What the hell is happening?

I thought about just barging on and entering but that’s gonna be rude and would probably cost me my job so I just tap against the metal door but there’s no response and I wonder if I should really barge in.

I shake my head and try to listen to the voice even more slowly and more carefully that I was.
It sounds… Almost like… Almost like moans.

Oh god. Is he… Oh my god, I can’t believe this right now! Is h doing something in there… With a lady?
Oh god. This is so annoying. What the hell?

I stare at the door for minutes listening to the moans that keeps getting louder and I shake my head, moving away from it a little.
According to rumors, Alexander is a man whore and he’s the type that changes ladies every week but I didn’t actually thought that was true after I had been here for the interview.

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He looked so innocent and he looked like all he cares about is his job and getting his job done but obviously, I had been wrong. I can’t believe i would be working with a guy like this. God, why! I have enough problems in my life already as of the moment. Why this again?

I waited here for some minutes before the door finally opens and a lady walk out of the office, looking so disorganized. Her makeup is smashed and her hair is dishelved.
She smirks at me before walking away, intentionally bumping her shoulder against mine and I shake my head before walking inside the office that reeks of sex already.
I can’t believe he would have sex in his own office, where lots of business deals happens.

“Sir, I came to report to you that I actually don’t have any office to stay in. You haven’t give be any as if yet. ”
I mutter, trying to ignore the fact that despite he just had sex in here, he looks exactly s he looked when I had first seen him this morning.

“Before we can talk about that miss Brown. How about we talk about you been late to work for your first day here? ”
He raises his brows at me, his lips touching into a smirk and I gulp in as I quickly avert my eye from his intense gaze.

“Sir. I am very sorry for been late but sincerely, I have my reasons. Something… ”

“I told you to differentiate between your work and your personal life Lyla. ”
I don’t know if it’s just me or I’m just crazy about the fact that my stomach turns when he calls my name like that.
The way it rolls off his tongue.

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“But since you weren’t able to do that… ”
He stops and turns to look at me before standing up and walking over to me while my heart beats fast against my chest with each step that he takes.

“I will have no choice but to punish you. Remember when I told you that I have demands, how about I show you one of them now? ”
He raises his brows at me and I gulp in hardly once again.