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Crazy Couple. Episode 34

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????????CRAZY COUPLE????????

{She’s stubborn ???? He’s arrogant}

Written ✍ by Eunice Nwodu????

Episode 34

I smiled wryly as he approached me.

“Babe, what are you doing with that?” He asked looking around.

I wanted to stammer not knowing what to say. He drew near and circled his hands around my waist, his dark eyes piercing into mine.

“I just wanted to guess your password. I really need to see the photos I took yesterday” I lied and he grinned.

“Come here” he pulled me to his body before carrying me up.
I giggled as he took me to our bedroom and dropped me on the bed.

He didn’t waste time in pulling off my clothes..
He was so fast that in no time, we were both unclad having a great time.

I opened my weak eyes and sat up feeling so much pains and heaviness.

I felt something strong beside me..
I reached for it but slowly cause I was weak.
A small phone.
Oh my!..

Who could have kept this here???
I couldn’t think far cause my head was heavy and hurts like hell.
I dialed Jeremy’s phone number hoping he’d answer the call.

I’m so weak and the feeling is more like death. So much pains around my organs and my head pounded like hell.
The phone rang twice and he answered.

I was awake on my bed thinking nonstop about Stella.

Her frown…
Her smile…
Her voice…

Everything about her. A tear slid down from my weak tired eyes and I quickly wiped it off.
My phone began ringing. I took it and picked the call from a strange number.

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“Hello…” I breathed into the phone but I heard silence.
Oh gosh!
Am seriously not ready for pranks.

“Jer…Jeremy” I heard and my heart left my chest.
The universe paused for a second.

It’s Stella’s voice – no doubt.

“Babe, where are you? I love you so much. Who has you Stella..? Tell me love” I paused when I heard her cough.

Oh lord.
I never knew I could miss her this much. Even her cough.

I jumped off the bed taking my other phone.

“Talk to me Stella!” I rasped but I didn’t hear her voice again.
She hung up.

No. No. No.

I called back but it wasn’t going through. I called Jeffrey.

“It’s 1 in the morning you perverted moron” he grouse immediately he picked up.

“Yeah…track this number for me. Right now!” I yelled calling out the number Stella called me with.

I was trying my best to speak but then the door opened and a guard walked in. He wore a mask though. He took the phone from me and smashed it immediately.

He picked up pieces and sneered at me.

“If boss finds out you called someone, you’ll be so dead. But I’ll pity you” he said and left the room.

i cussed under my breath.
I shouldn’t have coughed .

I couldn’t help but worry. Very soon, Tristan will realize that I’ve actually been giving Stella just a pinch of the dose.

If I don’t give her the poison completely, he’ll know she’s still normal so I just added a little dose.
I dropped a little phone beside the girl before leaving. I hope she’s able to contact someone when she wakes up.

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If Tristan finds out am helping the girl in anyway, he’ll have my wife and son killed.
I sighed at the thought of informing the police nudged me.

No way.
I better play safe or I loose everything.


“…We were so close bro. We could have gotten the address…she sounded helpless and scared” Jeremy said crying.

We were about to decode the address before suddenly, the line went dead.
I feel his pain.
We’ve been up all night looking for a means to track her down.

“Am so sorry bro. I’m doing everything I can. Just pull yourself together bro…please…” I pleaded and he sniffed.

The door bell rang and I looked at it.
I glanced at Jeremy but he just looked scared staring at Stella’s photo hanging at the wall.

I moved over to the door before opening it.

It was Yvonne,
What’s she doing here so early??

She barged immediately and shut the door.

“Do you want me to be spotted here??!!” She barked at me and I scoffed..

She took her eyes to Jeremy..
She sighed

“I know where Stella is” she voiced out and we stared at her dumbfounded.

Is she being truthful??

“Where?” I asked.

“Oh… I’ll tell you but on one condition…” She said with an evil smile.