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Crazy Couple. Episode 35

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????????CRAZY COUPLE????????

{She’s stubborn ???? He’s arrogant}

Written ✍ by Eunice Nwodu????

Episode 35

I sprang up to my feet the moment she mentioned Stella.

“What’s your condition?” I asked glaring at her.

She twirled like a little girl stopped.

“I want you to deal with Tristan the way he’ll never forget for laying his hands on me” she replied.

“That won’t be a problem” Jeffrey said smirking.

“I want that more than anything. Here’s the location. I’ll go to my mother’s place and lay low for a while so Tristan doesn’t suspect a thing. Involve the police cause am sure Tristan is prepared”.

Jeffrey collected the paper from her while I stood quite shocked that Tristan had a hand in this. I never thought it could be him cause we haven’t seen each other for a long time.

Jeffrey took the car keys and we left afterwards.
I was wide awake unable to rest. What if Jeremy wasn’t able to track me?..

I have no hope of escape then.
I watched the doctor helplessly as he brought the syringe near and injected me.
I don’t know what they’re giving me but…it’s killing and hurts so much.

It makes my brain rotated and become heavier each passing minute.

I felt like it would explode soon.

“Don’t worry girl, just hold on till you’re rescued” he whispered and I could only gaze at him.

Don’t worry???
When I already feel like giving up the ghost right this minute..

The door opened and a man wearing a mask walked in with two men with him.

“I’ve given her the dosage for today sir” the doctor said closing his bag.

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“Yeah…I know. Give her another one” he said and my heart skipped.

Not again.

I wish I could scream and curse him but I was motionless.

The man behind him brought out his gun and the doctor quickly opened his bag again.
He brought out a filled syringe and injected me.


My whole brain shuffled and I remained lifeless.
I feel dead.
My brain is done for.
A hint of me just wanted to make sure the doctor is not framing me.

I have plans for Stella.
Special plans….

I smirked coming close to her.
Time to taste what Jeremy has been eating all alone.

I motioned everyone to leave and they did. I pulled off my belt watching her lay half dead.
I spread her legs apart and began climbing on top of her.

Suddenly, I heard a gunshot.
What the fu×k is going on???.

I got off her and soon my guard barged into the room.

“We have to move boss. They’re many and their guns are loaded!” He rasped.

What on earth!?

“Carry her” I ordered leaving the room.

“We can’t leave with her. She’ll slow ya down for sure and if we’re caught…we’re doom—” he didn’t complete his statement and a bullet landed on his head.

I gasped as I hid behind the wall.
I glanced at her.

“Stella baby, we’ll meet again and I’ll destroy you for sure” I swore and jumped out of the room through the window.
That bi*ch.
She betrayed me. Who else could have done this but her!

I took a cab headed straight to her house.
Am going to show her.

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Suddenly, the doors of the car locked and the driver turned. He handcuffed my hands before parking.

What’s going on?.
He pulled me out of the car and different policemen surrounded us.

Oh no…
It’s a set up. They knew I would escape…
Am doomed. ????
Jeffrey and I headed up the stairs following the dog that was moving with the scent of Stella’s dress.

Jeffrey was busy shooting any guy that comes his way. He loves violence.

We got to a room and we walked in.
….oh heavens!.
I saw my Stella lying on the bed lifeless.
She can’t be dead.

I ran to her and checked her pulse. She’s breathing. I carried her into my arms and we left the place.
Am never going to let her out of my sight again no matter what.


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