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Possessive Billionaire. Episode 10

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????{My Boss Demands}????

Episode 10. {Heartbeats.. Body Reactions.. Gaze.}




Alexander showed me the office that I would be using and it’s crazy that each time he gets close to me, my heart beat so fast against my chest that I thought that he might actually be listening to it.

After finishing the work for the day. I packed the documents that she’s had asked me to bring to him and grab my bag, slinging my over my shoulder before grabbing my keys and walking out of the office towards his.
I didn’t have to walk much since its just right in front of each other.

I tap gently against the metal door and make sure that I just a come in before I push the door open and slowly walk in, closing the door back behind me and he’s typing away on his laptop.

“The files you wanted. ”
I mutter and he gestures for me to leave it on the desk. I do that and wait nervously to see if I would have to get his approval before leaving.

When I realize that he isn’t going to say anything about me standing over him, I let out a breath and bow.
“I will be leaving now. ”
I mutter but there’s no response and I merely turn back to leave the office.
I’m already at the door when I had him call me name in that same way that he always does which does something to me and I gulp in hardly, taking deep breaths and counting from one to ten before I turn back and raise my brows at him gently in a very polite way.
“Judging by the fact that you were late to work today, I can tell that you aren’t one that would always be early to work… ”
He says, his eyes boring into mine while I just lower my head because I have absolutely nothing to say to that than just that I would try really very hard not to always be late here.
“But I think that it would actually be better for you if you can always be early I work because there would always be punishment for lateness, some that you might not be able to meet. I let you go today because I wasn’t that much in desire to punish you but trust me when I say it would be my very last generosity. ”
He says and with the way that his eyes darkens when he had said that, I know that he isn’t joking and he’s very serious and I nod twice immediately.

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I should probably start setting my alarm to five am. No matter what, I will always make sure that I do that.

“Now to the real reason why I called you, I want you to come earlier to work tomorrow and when I mean early, I don’t mean for you to come by eight. I mean for you to come here by seven and latest thirty minutes to that. I would be needing your help with something. ”
He says again and I nod my head immediately, waiting for whatever it is that he’s gonna say again and also wondering what he would’ve be needing my help with. From the way that he had said it, I don’t think that it is going to be any job.

“Alright. That’s it, you can go. ”
He says and I smile, nodding and bowing my head before walking out of the office and taking the elevator that’s going to take me downstairs.

Well, work didn’t go as well as I had expected but it didn’t go badly either.

Parking my car, I get out if it, staring curiously at my house when I find out that the lights are on.
The girls already texted me that they would be going out to somewhere and would be returning late also. I don’t think they would be dumb enough to put on the lights when there’s no one inside.
This wasn’t them then who the hell has access to my house and turned on the lights?

Ryan is the only other person that could but he isn’t here right now, he’s at work for the new project and wouldn’t be returning anytime soon.
My heart beats faster against my chest as my mind drifts to many numerous suggestions of who could have access to my house.

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Even though I know that it’s dangerous, I begin walking towards the direction of the house and I open the door gently, walking in.

I step inside fully when a hand suddenly covers my mouth.