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Royal High. Episode 10

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Royal High️

️️(He was a rogue but she changed him forever)️️

️️Episode 10️️

‘What?? You mean you guys are betrothed to each other?!!’..Curt asked aloud as the bell rung signaling the end of class…

‘Y..Yes…Prince Justin and I are betrothed to each other’..Anabelle replied and Curt scoffed..

‘Jesus Christ I can’t even believe I’m friends with an engaged person!!’..

‘Curt we’ll talk about this later but now I really have to go’..Anabelle said standing up..

The situation was already to embarrassing for her to stay more..

Her family and Justin’s family have been friends for years and what better way to seal that friendship than betrothing their first borns together…

Anabelle and Justin have been engaged right from birth and truthfully she isn’t still ecstatic at the idea…

Justin is a jerk….

A jerk who thinks the world revolves around him…


Who does she even think she is??..

Judging him for smoking when she’s engaged to someone else…

Curt angrily threw rocks at the lake creating a huge puddle and when he saw Anabelle’s reflection on the water he frowned…

‘You know you should have told me’..He murmured..

‘Yeah I know but My engagement to Justin is more of a secret shame than anything else’..She replied and he sighed deeply..

‘I don’t want trouble from anyone most especially that royal jerk Princess so i think it’s high time we cut this friendship thing—I’m a rogue remember??’..He said..

‘But..but you’re cool that’s why i like being in your company!! Everyone here just act the same and i get tired of it!!’..Anabelle protested..

‘Hmmmm well sorry Belle,enjoy your boyfriend and let me enjoy smoking my Arizona,goodbye’..He said and walked away leaving a bemused expression on her face….

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