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Living With Mr Arrogant. Episode 8

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{14 Nights In His Bed}

©️Youngicee Stories.

Episode 08.



I sniff in and my hands are released.
I wonder what’s happening.
I quickly sit up and open my eyes and my mouth hangs open as I see Vladimir standing by his car, his eyes shut tightly, his teeth clenched and his other hand in his head.
I think he hit his head or something.. I look forward and by mouth hangs open even further and my eyes widens.
Qui…. Qu… Quinn!
That’s Quinn!
But how come? How did he found me?! And what the hell is he doing here?
He came here to save me?
But how? I mean I called him earlier and he just left, without doing anything.
How could he have possibly known where I am and when to save me?

I look back at Vladimir to see him bringing out something from hi pocket.
I raise my brows and I gasp slightly as he holds up a gun, wincing because of his head.
He point it to Quinn who is still trying to fight off the two men and I quickly jump on him, grabbing the gun from him and pointing it at him.

“Stop! ”
I yell and the two men stop immediately, staring at their boss and me.
I looks at Quinn and his chest is heaving up and down as his eyes lands on me.
I still can’t believe that he came here… To save me.

“Anyone of you move an inch and I swear to you that I will blow up his head! ”
I yell and point the gun to him, pressing it against his head.

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“You’re bluffing you can do nothing. ”
One of the men says, coming towards me and I chuckle before placing my finger on the trigger and press it closer to his head.

“No no no. Stop you idiots! She’s really gonna shoot it!
Stop! ”
Vladimir yells and I breathe out.

“Please Kath, please. Don’t shout please. ”
He begs and I laughed.
I never thought that this day could come.
The day that he would have to beg me.

“Now listen here Vladimir and listen good.
I will pay you your money when.. I get it. I promise that I will pay you but if.. If you can’t take that then I might as well kill you now! ”
I yell and he shakes his head immediately.

Well, I can’t exactly kill him cause I’m afraid of doing it but I have to make him scared also. I have to make him think that I would that way he would know that I’m serious.. Even though I really am not.

“You can take the money. I don’t need it anymore, just don’t kill me. ”
He pleads and I shake my head.

“No, I will pay it.
I owe you money and I will pay it when I get it. Now go! ”
I push him away and he scurry to his feet as his men helps him.
He stops in front of Quinn and I can see them exchanging glares.

“Go! ”
I yell again and they get inside the car before driving off.
I sigh as I drop the gun on the floor and turn to Quinn who is also staring at me without uttering a single word.
Well, I guess I should be the one to thank him since he’s the one that saved me.
I don’t know what would have happened if he hadn’t come on time but what I’m confused about is why he left in the first place when hhe knew he was going to save me.

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“Thanks for saving me. ”
I mumble under my breath.

“I didn’t hear that. ”
He smirks and I roll my eyes. I know he did, he just wants me to say it again.

“Then you didn’t get it.
I’m not repeating myself! ”
I snap before moving away and walking down the street.

“Such a temper! ”
He hisses but I just keep walking.

“Where do you think you’re going right now? Do you even know the way? ”
I ignore him and keep walking anyways when it starts getting dark and I’m getting deeper and deeper into the darkness.
The wind is blowing high and I’m so f****ng scared!

I rub my palms down my arms when I hear a loud growl and I’m on my heels immediately.
Running hack towards Quinn.. When I get to where I left him. He’s nowhere to be found.
Oh god. He left! Because I was so stubborn!
I should have just followed him.

“Boom! ”
I beard a voice from behind me and I shout, turning back but nothing.
I turn back again and nothing.

I start moving forward. Oh god. What kind of a place is this exactly?
I don’t even know where I am and there are no houses here.

I see a figure ahead and I start running towards it.
It’s him! Oh my god! It’s him! It’s Quinn.

I rub towards him and without thinking twice about it, I jump on him and wrap myself around him.

And she’s so scared