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Living With Mr. Arrogant. Episode 37

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{14 Nights In His Bed}

©️Youngicee Stories.

Episode 37.



I sigh as I turn on the bed once again, well our very good plan for me to sneak inside the room that Quinn gave me and sleep there without his mother knowing was acting stupid and it came to an abrupt end the moment the door to my room opens and his mother literally dragged my ass back over to him and that wasn’t even the most funniest thing.

The most funniest thing is her having me to sleep in the same bed with him, I had strongly disagree after she left but Quinn says I had to do it. We are already raising suspicious as it is.
If I’m truly his fiancee, I wouldn’t have any problem with sleeping on the same bed and although, I had argue with him once again. I just ended up sleeping on the same bed with him and now, here we are. On the same bed, the pillow as barrier between us while I can’t just stop tossing and tossing around.

“Stop doing that. I can’t sleep, just lay against the bed and close your eyes, you will sleep. ”
He says and I turn to him to see his eyes still closed.
I gulp in as I lay on my side and turn my body to face him.

He’s actually quite looking good and he looks so innocent with his eyes closed like that but that’s a show obviously cause the moment he opens those eyes, he’s nothing but a big rude jerk.

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He suddenly opens his eyes, staring right back at me and I gasp slowly looking away cause I didn’t except him to just open his eyes like that.

“Are you feeling nervous right now? ”
He chuckles and I roll my eyes, turning back to him.

“Why should I feel nervous? I’m not feeling nervous. I just don’t want you staring at me. ”
I mutter, pinching my skin hard from under the duvet.

“You are on the same bed with me. There’s no possible way I wouldn’t stare at you. ”
He says and those words made my heart thumps.
What’s wrong with me? Why is my heart always bearing faster like this?
Let’s get it together Kathryn. This is just an act, nothing more.

My mind drifts back to Carly and I wonder how she’s doing, she must be really worried about me. I really want to call her.

I want to go to her. Just to tell her that I’m safe, just for her to stop worrying about me cause I know her. She wouldn’t be resting until she knows that I’m safe.

I turn to Quinn whose eyes are close but I know he isn’t sleeping just yet.
I know he told me not to mention her but I can’t help it.
I need to hear Carly voice. Just once at least or see her.

“Quinn. Please, I need to go see my roommate or at least call her. Nothing would happen to your plan, I promise. ”
I mutter and like that, his eyes are open immediately with his eyes boring into mine and he doesn’t look so happy.

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