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Possessive Billionaire. Episode 14

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????{My Boss Demands}????

EPISODE 14. {Closeness.. Temptation.}




Oh god. When did I started thinking about all these things? I have a boyfriend and yet, I’m wishing that…
I feel so bad right now. I feel so foolish and so guilty to have ever thought like that when I have Ryan.

I shake my head to remove the stupid thoughts from my head before turning back to Alexander who is still staring at me.

“Alright. Um, does she know what she means to you? ”

“She does. ”

“How old exactly is this lady that we are talking about? ”

“That, I can’t tell you. ”

I nod before running my fingers against the desk and humming. He isn’t going to tell me much about this girl he’s talking about, I think.

“Have you thought of sending her flowers? ”

“I do that every morning of each day that passes by and don’t say to take her out, I do that often also. ”
Wow. He had already done what would make most of the women happy. Why exactly he needs to do more is just something that’s beyond me.

“Alright. Have you just thought about having fun with her casually. I mean not the rich people type of fun. I mean the fun where everything seems normal and simple. Ladies don’t really like fancy things, we may pretend as if we do sometimes but deep down all we want is to just be ourselves with the one that we love. ”
I smile at him and he nods, returning the smile.

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“Alright. Well, where do you think that I could take her to have that normal fun? ”

“You could take her to the movies but not a very classic one that would be too far from been normal. You could get tickets to a comedy movie or romance. Something like that would make her happy cause she would think that she’s always on your mind or you could go to the park with her. Just random things, walk around and you have to be disguised cause we both know that you wouldn’t have anything normal if people know that it’s you especially the ladies and you don’t want her to think that you aren’t serious about you two. ”
I mutter and he chuckles, raising his brows.

“Serious? ”
He asks and I nod. “Wait, you’re getting this whole thing wrong right here, you don’t think that I want to date this lady I’m talking about, do you? ”
He asks and now he’s the one confusing me.
I thought he said she’s the most important person in his life.

“I don’t know. I thought you must be in love with this lady. ”
I admit and he shakes his head.
“You idiot. No I’m not, why would I be in love with my sister.. ”
My mouth hangs open immediately. His sister?

“Your sister? ”
I ask again to be sure that I have no started hearing things.
“Yes, my sister. That’s who I want to make happy. ”
Well, this isn’t definitely what I was expecting and it’s quite amusing and at the same time, I find it really sweet that he would do anything to make his sister happy.

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“Oh, I didn’t know. I thought you.. Actually never mind about that anymore, since she’s your sister. You could just go to the movie. Comedy or you could go to the park or you could take her to some of the places she would love to me. Ask her about it. ”
I shrug. “Or also, you could take her boyfriend along. If she has one. These are all the things that would make a sister happy. ”
I smile and he stares at me, not saying a single word when he suddenly stands up and walk across the room to get to me.

Leaning down and holding unto the chair that I’m sitting on, I feel my heart beat faster against my chest as he turns me to face him.

He looks down at me before swiping his tongue over his lips in such a way that sends heat to every part of my body and then he’s leaning down and I can’t comprehend just why I’m not moving away.