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Arrogant Maid. Chapter 10

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Arrogant Maid.

Chapter 10

Angela’s POV

We are back from the party. I laid on my room reminising about how the party went.

Scott’s behaviour really shocked me, truth was that I intentionally danced with the fat man to see what is reaction would be.

Bu why? Not like he likes me…he had already said it a countless times that he can never have a thing to do with a poor maid like me.

But his actions seems conflicting. Hum! I think I’m beginning to have effect on him and that really gladens me.

I heard a knock on my door. “Come in.” I was expecting Helen and it turns out to be her.

“How are you Helen, how was your night?”

“Fine anty… I will be going to school tomorrow and I’m yet to solve my assignment, can you help me?”

“Oh! Let me see.” I said feeling so scared and nervous. I’m this person that didn’t even finish college. It’s a long story for another day.

Helen who had walked out few seconds ago came back with her book. It was a quantitative reasoning assignment.

“Very simple!” I lied after cross checking it. “Write ‘3’ here.”

The girl obliged, she wrote the jagunz I told her to wrote. I already had a plan that if she misses everything, I’ll tell her I taught her using ths advanced formula and that she should not be sorry. ”

“But who solves your assignment for you before?”

“Uncle Scott, he seems to be sleeping, I knocked on his room severally but he didn’t open.”

“Did he know you were the one knocking on his room?”

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“Yes, He recognizes my voice.” She said.

Really? Can Scott really sleep to the extent of ignoring his siter’s call. What kind of sleep is that.

Imagine this kind of brother, what if she was calling him for something urgent.

“Let’s go and wake him up.” I said to Helen.

On getting to his room, we planted series of knock on his door but it wasn’t opening, we shouted his name but there was no response.

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I’m very sure he is inside but why is he not responding. Fret, fear and pessimism began to set into my heart.

I went away to pick what I could use to break the door, I got it and broke the door open.

I was shocked at what I saw.