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Bad Boy Romance. Chapter 3

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Bad Boy Romance


Chapter 3

( Sack her )

Paton’s POV

Following Morning !

I couldn’t go to school, my bags had being taken , and my one and only sander had being snatched too

I had already resigned at the cafeteria where I worked to take care of mom and save for school but I’m resuming back today cus I need to get the money to buy another school bag and shoe

I dressed in my clumsy dress and took a cab to the place , my boss liked me and he understood perfectly why I resigned, he luckily told me to just join the chefs

I like the man , he’s so generous

I changed into the restaurant unform for workers and I start to work. I’m a poor girl on scholarship, I should at least have all the time to listen to free lectures

I’m not Like the rich students that can organize a private class for themselves of they did not get some topics being taught in the general class

I promise myself to go to school daily but I can’t now. Sadness could be easily seen all over me as I work

Brody’s POV


We had just finished class

“The lecture was boring “Cooper said

” I only like morning classes , afternoon class sucks ” I replied

We both walk towards where snacks are being sold

“Brody , common, I told you I’m not eating snacks today” Cooper said and I sighed

“My bad ! Don’t mind me , I forgot” I said and we both walked to a nearby restaurant

We entered and sat and ordered for food

“That girl didn’t come to school today ” I said while we wait for food

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“Miss political money , I guess that’s the only shoe and bag she had ” Cooper said and grinned

“Oh! Next time , she will learn to respect big boys like us ” I boasted

“For real , so you were the one that snatched my bag and shoe forcefully and made me not to be able to go to school ” someone lamented behind us and I turned

“What!” I exclaimed and set my gaze back at Cooper

“The rude girl is working here ” Cooper said surprisingly

“Well, we did , what are you poor thing gonna do?” I asked

“Huh? ” She asked and bite her lips

“You take pleasure in punishing the poor , you two are so dumb , I will work my ass off and save and buy another shoe and bag , you will surely reap your wickedness someday ” She said and walked away

That got me angry

I banged the table we sat angrily and stood

“Who’s the owner of this restaurant? Why is your worker hurling insults on me this way ? ” I asked and I suddenly heard many steps approach me

“I’m the owner , We are sorry for any inconveniences sir , can you please tell us what happened ?” The man asked softly and politely

That made me calm a little but I was still damn angry to that girl

“That girl over there came here to insult me , what nonsense ?” I asked angrily

“Oh! We are so sorry Mister , I’ll handle it right away ” The man promised

“Handle what? Sack her right away , I did not want to see her in this restaurant anymore ” I yelled

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“We have better judgements sir , please let us handle this sir , we promise that such will not repeat itself again” The man promised but that only increased my infuriation

“Fvck! Damn restaurant ! ” I walked away angrily.