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Bad Boy Romance. Episode 61,62 and 63

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????Bad Boy Romance????

Episode 61

(A secret relationship)
Brody’s POV

An Hour Later
‘ahaa!!! I knew you were scared’..i said aloud as i walked towards Payton who was on my bike.She didn’t reply me and turned the other wag and I smiled…

‘Payton what’s wrong??’..i asked with a skeptical look on my face…

‘I’m just thinking about some things that’s all’..She replied with a downcast look on her face and I smiled..


‘Leave me alone’..

‘Baby..’..i cooed again tickling her and in as much as she tried not to laugh she bursted out giggling…

‘Stop Brody I’m not joking’..She said when my giggling stopped and i sighed deeply…

‘If something is bothering you then you better tell me and if you can’t then i won’t bother you anymore’…i muttered.

‘Well Nicole and the other girls passed by and they were talking about you and Veronica Hampton,she said that she wishes you were back with her and I felt bad’..She replied and i frowned..

‘Veronica and I never dated Payton,it was just a s*x fling and you and i know that Veronica is a slut and in fact our relationship is the first I’ve been in,Veronica and I was just s*x and no strings so what are you getting so worked up about??’..i asked already annoyed…

‘You have a reputation for being a bad boy so what do you expect?!’..She retorted..

‘I love you Payton and I would always love you so don’t be scared..

‘You sure??’…

‘Yeah I’m sure’…

Payton’s POV

The Next Morning

I came downstairs thinking Brody would be waiting for me but instead it was Trevor who was eating breakfast..

‘Morning Trevor uhmmm is Brody not ready for school yet??’..i asked scratching the back of my head…

‘He’s gone to school already,I’m surprised he’s left early’..He replied..

‘Okay’..i murmured and walked way..

Why on earth would Brody leave for school without me??…


I got to school with Trevor and he headed over Serani who was at the left side of the hallway.I waved at her and then i spotted Brody with Veronica and Nicole laughing at something he said.I waved at him and he rolled his eyes the other way avoiding me blatantly without remorse….

What the hell??..

What did i even do??..

I embarrassedly walked towards my locker,got my books and headed for class.He came in and walked past me towards his own chair and when I glanced back he looked away.Mrs Henderson,our physics teacher came into the class and started the lesson for today.I took a pen and scribbled a note passing it over to Brody through James and when he saw it he frowned and crumpled the paper to bits..

What did I even do??..

Why is he even doing this to me??…

‘Are you okay??’..Serani asked from behind me and I shook my head…

‘No i am not okay how can you say I’m okay—Brody is clearly avoiding me and I don’t know why or is he back to his normal self I don’t know you tell me?’..

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‘Hmmm maybe he’s mad at you or something and besides it’s just only been an hour or two it just doesn’t mean that he’s avoiding you’..She said .

‘But i…

‘Shhh Pay…when it’s recess you could go talk to him’..


The bell for recess was rung signifying that it was recess.I grabbed my lunch walking towards the cafeteria and then the next thing i knew someone dragged me into the bathroom..

‘What the?!..Ohhh it’s you’..I blurted out loudly seeing that it was Brody..

‘We need to talk Payton’..He said and I gulped hard seeing the dark look on his face .

‘Okay I’m listening’..

‘I think we should have a secret relationship that is..our relationship should be a secret to the rest of the school apart from Serani,Cooper and Trevor’..he replied..

‘A secret relationship?? Why??’..i asked obviously confused..

‘Well it’s the best reason known to only me and you wouldn’t understand,outside the school we are boyfriend and girlfriend and inside the school we’re just normal students okay??’..He muttered and I arched my brows…

Why does he want a secret relationship??..

????Bad Boy Romance????

Episode 62

(Unsure feelings)
Payton’s POV

‘Well if that’s what you want then its what you’ll get,I’ll make sure I avoid you in school and when we’re home we’d be in a relationship there’s no problem Brody Anderson but what you just did today shows that you’re ashamed of me and you are unsure about your feelings’…I muttered with tears welling up in my eyes…

‘Okay so is that what you really think?!! That I’m ashamed of you?!! It’s like you don’t even trust me Payton!! How are we supposed to be in a relationship if there’s no trust huh?! Yesterday you accused me of still liking Veronica Hampton and now you’re saying I’m unsure about my feelings for you?!! Give me a break gosh!!!’..He screamed and slammed the door on my face.I went down to the ground and tears flowed down my cheeks.Serani came into the bathroom immediately and when she saw me on the floor and crouched to my position…

‘He broke up with you?? Tell me and I’ll beat him to a pulp’..She said and i shook my head…

‘No he didn’t Serani but..but..

‘But what??’..She asked and I sniffed a bit..

‘He said he wanted our relationship to be secret..that..that is we should act like we don’t know each other on school grounds but after school we’re a couple I mean who does that?! And he started ranting about how i don’t trust him and left’..I explained as i wiped a tear off my eye…

‘Did you really ask why he wanted a secret relationship??:..she asked..

‘Yeah i did I think??’…I replied racking my brain to know if it’s true…

‘He doesn’t want the drama Payton can’t you see?? If everyone knows about the relationship then it would be different for you!! Babe i thought you were smart! Girls would hate you if they find out that you’re dating the all bad boy Brody Anderson!!! Guys would mock you and you wouldn’t face your studies because of all the attention,didn’t that cross your mind?? Brody wants the best for you’..She said..

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‘Ohhh my you’re right Serani!! Oh God I’m stupid for not trusting him.I accused him of being unsure of his feelings can you imagine?? I hurt his feelings deeply Serani and now he’s so mad that i don’t know what to do’..i said in tears and she patted my shoulders…

‘When school is over you could go talk to him okay??’..


Brody’s POV

‘Like can you even believe it?! She said I have unsure feelings she said I’m unsure about my feelings i mean like can you imagine?!! Jeez she just doesn’t trust me’..i said as I paced around the library..

‘Keep it down Anderson or you’re going straight to detention!!’..The librarian snarled at me and i nodded..

‘Give her a break Brody!! You’re a f**king player —Everyone knows that so take a chill pill and it’s perfectly fine that she doesn’t trust you completely trusts you cause you’re a bad boy as everyone knows’..Cooper replied and i frowned..

‘You really think so?? I really have such a bad reputation??’..i asked..

‘Yeah and it suits you but if I’m honest can i ask you this question if you don’t mind’..He said..

‘Yeah you can ask me whatever you want to ask i don’t care’..i replied and sat down as soon as the Librarian and i glared at each other…

‘Do you really like her??’..he asked..

‘I don’t understand what do you mean??’..i retorted..

‘I mean do you really like like Payton or you’re just using her to pass time??’..He replied and I frowned..

????Bad Boy Romance????

Episode 63

Brody’s POV cont’d

‘I love her Cooper,i love her more than anything you could ever imagine,why do you think I’m in a relationship??.She’s the only girl I’m been in a relationship with and you’re asking if I’m just using her to pass time?? I’m a boy Cooper not a heartless jerk’…I replied..

‘Thought as much but why is your relationship a secret to the whole school then??’..He asked again..

‘Well that’s a secret known to me alone’..i murmured getting bored of the subject already..

‘Hmm okay so how is your ya processing going?? My Dad is working hard to get me a slot in Balford college’..He asked again and I frowned seeing the dirt on my shoe before replying him…

‘Harvard is not the top of of priority list right now and I’m…’ voice trailed off as soon as I yawned loudly..

‘Are you okay??You look tired as f**k’..He asked..

‘I don’t think so,I’ve been yawning loudly for an hour now and I seem to be dozing’s funny cause I slept pretty well last night’..

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‘Maybe you’re sick or something’..He shrugged..

‘No i can’t be sick I’m perfectly okay,maybe I’m just bored or something’…

Payton’s POV

I watched avidly as Brody walked past me not even bothering to glance at me.My hands hovered his shoulder but at the last minute I withdrew myself since he was still pretty angry at me.I kept looking at him and he sat on his chair yawning loudly such made the whole class laugh..

‘Whoa dude is pretty bored’..Serani teased and everyone laughed..

I chuckled softly thinking what she said was kinda funny but then I noticed the restless look on his face.His eyes were kind of blurry and he seemed to be going pale by the minute…

‘Serani i don’t think He’s okay,he looks kinda pale’..I whispered..

‘Yeah i thought so too cause he doesn’t look so good’..She whispered back and I let out a depressed sigh looking back at him. He rested his head on the desk and in a minute he was up again sweating profusely…

‘Brody are you okay??’..Nicole asked as she walked over and a downcast look fell over my face..

‘Yeah I’m okay what’s the problem don’t I look fine??’..He snarled..

‘Sheesh dude I’m just asking’..Nicole retreated and went back to her seat.He began panting heavily and even though he said he wanted a secret relationship I mustered enough courage to walk up to him..

‘You don’t look good Brody you need to go to the school’s clinic’..I murmured..

‘It’s none of your business back off!!’..He snarled and everyone oohed..

‘I’m not backing off Brody you’re sick and you need to see the nurse or something!!! Why must you be so stubborn every single time!!!’..i yelled and the whole attention of the class turned to the both of us…

‘What’s your deal Political money its not like He’s your boyfriend or something so mind your business!!’..Nicole said aloud…

‘You don’t understand He’s my…Fine then if he wants to act stubborn then i wont force him!!!’..I retorted loudly and grudgingly went back to my seat.Mrs Henshaw came in for science class and as she talked endlessly about Osmosis and Diffusion i glanced over at Brody who was pursing his lips and panting heavily.His hands were rested on his chin and i frowned as he blinked his eyes continuously…

Fine He’s angry with me but it doesn’t mean he should act so childish to hide that He’s sick??…

‘Okay so Payton can you please tell me the last thing I said??’..Mrs Henshaw asked interluding my thoughts and I gasped…

‘Huh?? Oh sorry well uhmmm you were talking about uhmm Diffusion??’..I said nervously and the whole class roared with laughter.Brody’s head was hung low and he still kept panting but no one noticed until he fell to the ground unconsciously..

‘Oh my God Brody’s fainted!!!’..