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Crazy Couple. Episode 42

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????????CRAZY COUPLE????????

{She’s stubborn ???? He’s arrogant}

Written ✍ by Eunice Nwodu????

Episode 42

Jeremy and I walked into Jeffery’s house holding hands.

Peter was on the couch smoking. He had his eyes closed as he exhaled the smoke.

“Hey Pete, long time” Jeremy said and tried going close to him but I stopped him.

“Am pregnant Jeremy. The cigarette smoke is not good for me” I said with a crumpled look and he breathed out an ‘oh’.

We went to the dinning where Jeffrey was shirtless.
He was spreading butter on a slice of bread.

“Welcome guys” He said and I smiled broadly.
“Hey Jeffrey. Thanks for coming to the hospital after my surgery” I said and he winked at me.

“Where’s Nina?” Jeremy asked and I felt my tummy tighten.

I was starting to get angry all over again.
The way he asked of her made me shudder.

That lady is carrying his baby, I can feel it.

“She’s in her room trying to get sobber. She kept crying yesterday” Jeffrey replied.

“Huh? she was crying???” Jeremy asked alarmed.

“Yeah…I don’t know what her fu-king problem is but there’s no way am consoling that bi*ch” He blurted and stuffed his mouth with a big bite of his bread.

Jeremy sighed.
He took my hand and we began going upstairs.

I held onto him tightly and he stopped and looked at me.

“What’s wrong? Am I not allowed to hold you tight anymore??” I asked pouting.

He didn’t say anything as he walked into a room.


So she’s Nina.


She had long hair but great curvy body and she had a tattoo on her neck.

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“Jeremy?” She mouthed as we got where she was. She inserted her hands into her jumper pockets.

“I wasn’t expecting such a visit!” She gasped while I glared at her.

“This is Stella, my wife who is pregnant with my child” He said before turning to me.
“Babe, she’s Nina” He paused and turned to her.

“Jeffrey will be signing you into an antenatal next week. There’s really nothing to wrangle over here.

“Once you give birth, A test will be carried on the baby to know who’s really the father” Jeremy said emotionlessly ignoring the tears around her eyes.

I felt really happy he’s putting her in her place.
I love my husband!!.

There’s no way this lady can break our marriage apart.

“is there anything else?” He asked and she shrugged.

“Am just happy you both are not forcing me to get rid of the baby. It’s clearly impossible now the baby has clocked three months old.

“I have no one else to turn to. My mom kicked my out and I’ve been doing all I can to contact you”.

I kept glaring at her with so much scorn.
I can’t believe I could despise someone this much at mere sight.

“Okay then. We’ll be going now” Jeremy said and took my wrist.
He tried to pull me along but I remained stiff.

“And what makes you so sure the both of them are responsible for the creep growing inside of you?” I asked wilfully and she gasped.

“What did you just call my baby??” She asked stuttering.

“You can’t possibly expect the baby of a harlot to be a reasonable and complete human being” i sneered.

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She raised her hand to hit me but I didn’t move an inch cause I knew Jeremy would never let her hurt me.
He held her wrist stopping her halfway.

“Don’t you ever dare try to hit my wife. Who do you think you are?!” He rasped and Nina flinched.

“Am…am sorry Jeremy.
Well…she started with the insults” She muttered painstaking – trying not to get on Jeremy’s bad side.

He turned and took my hand dragging me out the room with him.

“Leave me alone babe. I’m not done yet!” I yelled but he was persistent on taking me alone with him.

“I’ll be back for you Nina, you’ll regret sleeping with my husband…you public ho!” I rasped kicking my legs in the air.

We got downstairs and he dropped me on the couch next to Peter.

“Don’t let her leave” He told peter and went to the kitchen probably to see Jeffrey.

I turned to Peter who looked wasted from smoking.

“Please Peter, I left my phone upstairs, I need to retrieve it and be back quick” I said seductively.

He sighed.

“Don’t take more than a second” He said and I ran off going upstairs.

I returned the room and met on the bed on a call. She was backing me so she couldn’t see me or notice.


I leaned close to her door and listened.

“…she’s such a bi”ch Carol. If it wasn’t for Jeremy, I would have beaten her baby out of her. She’s so pathetic” She spoke into the phone.

Time to teach the bi*ch a real lesson.

I tip toed to her table and took a scissors before going to her.

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I took her well braided ponytail weave and cut it off instantly.
She turned looking shocked and scared.

I laughed outloud and threw her hair at her dropping the scissors.

“What did you just do!??” She yelled and I laughed.

“Am just doing what bi”ches do” I replied and she got off the bed.

Just what I wanted.
I’ll beat her to coma for sure. I clenched my fist getting ready to fight.

She was about to slap me again when peter showed up.

“What’s going on here??? ” He rasped and i smiled.

“Oh…nothing. I’ve gotten my phone and I’m off now. Bye!” I beamed and ran out of the room.

How can I fight someone quite taller than me???

Thank goodness Peter showed up.

I paused on my track when I bumped into Jeremy.
And he didn’t look happy one bit.

Oh geez!