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Crazy Couple. Episode 48

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????????CRAZY COUPLE????????

{She’s stubborn ???? He’s arrogant}

Written ✍ by Eunice Nwodu????

Episode 48

I gulped staring at him like I had suddenly lost my sense of hearing.

How did he find it???

Am sure I hid it in a dark room downstairs.

I batted my lashes and looked down.

I heard him scoff before leaving the room.


I jerked up and ran out of the room holding onto him.

The expression on his face defined anger and I felt like crying before explaining myself to him.

I made him angry again!

“Why would you do this??! What’s your reason for hiding this papers from me???The meeting will be held tomorrow Stella. Why the fu•k would you do this?!!” He rasped and I flinched getting teary all of a sudden.

“I didn’t mean to. Alot has been going on and I wouldn’t want you to leave me” I muttered as a tear dropped.

“You planned on hiding this papers forever?” He asked shaking his head.

“Don’t go Jeremy. Am sorry for keeping the papers from you but please, don’t leave me” I pleaded and he removed my hands that has been holding onto his arm.

“I should have gotten there by now if you weren’t being such a possessive stubborn woman! I don’t care what your reasons are but am going there first thing tomorrow morning” He stated and walked back to the room.

I heard something break into pieces and I pulled myself back to the bedroom.

I stood at the door staring at his phone he had shattered.

He stormed to his wardrobe and flew it open. He dragged out his luggage and threw it on the bed. He picked a whole full of clothes and flung it all to the bed.

Oh God!

He must boiling with anger. He moved to them and began folding it. He wasn’t doing a good job at folding the clothes but I dare not go close to him.

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I don’t even want to help him.

I wish he would stay.

I drew near to him but maintained my distance before he would yell at me.
Would he even look at me?

“Jeremy, please forgive me” I said sounding apologetic.

He didn’t even act like I was close to him.


What do I do with this my husband? He’s so stubborn and arrogant.

“Jeremy….please” I stressed dolefully and he shut the luggage since he was done – packing.

He carried the luggage back to the wardrobe and left it there.

I sat stiff on the bed rubbing my wet fingers.

He walked to the table and took a phone. He inserted it into his pocket and worked out of the room.

My cheeks were filled with tears as I began recalling all that had just happened.

I wish I burnt the papers and now he’s going to be leaving me.
He might marry another woman over there and forget about me.

Alot can happen when he travels.

I dropped my head on his pillow and curled my legs on the bed.


I walked into the room in a red towel that ended right after my bum.

My eyes met Jeremy’s hair which was packed neatly in a white band.

He had his head buried into his phone and I just scurried past him.

I got to the wardrobe and pulled the hinges open.
I had the urge to wish that I could just get dressed in a nightie with a snap of my finger.

I scanned the whole place with my eyes. It’s a tough choice cause the atmosphere happened to be really cold and I wanted to wear something cozy.

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Suddenly, I felt his two hands wrap around me from behind and I shuddered a little.

It’s Jeremy!

He trailed one of his hands up and it unfolded the tip of my towel.

He let it fall and I felt cold shivers run through my spine.

What’s he doing?

I couldn’t think as I felt his hand on my right bo**s and he gave it a light squeeze.

His warm lips met my neck and I shivered the more.

He fondled with the bo** for a while before letting go.
He flipped me and carried me up taking me to the bed.

He dropped me on it gently and spread my legs immediately. He took my lips into his and began torturing my mouth hungrily with his tongue.

It was a long intense kiss and I was starting to get wet already.

I moaned into his lips and he unlocked immediately like he just got himself.

He stared into my face and I could tell…He is still very angry.

I looked away and shut my eyes feeling so bashful.

I felt him come into me and I gasped.
No foreplay at all…!

I tried to stop him cause it felt like I was being disvirgined again. I was tight and I’d guess it was because it’s been so long.

He dropped his head on my shoulder and pinned my hands down knowing fully well I wasn’t comfortable – yet.
He forced his whole length in and began a rough ride that had me screaming like I was being pierced.

He was fast…very fast cause he knew it’d hurt me.
He left my wrists and raised my legs up wrapping them around his torso.

This position gave him more access and drove him deeper into me.

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I tried all manner of screaming but he got more worse.
The pleasure was max and I felt I would explode soon.

I heard his grunts and growls as he went deeper and faster.
He’s going to kill me if I remain under him.

I felt tears gather around my eyes as he slowed down his pace.

He took it slow and soon we both had our orgasm.

He never sajd a word since when he started till the end of the make out.

He pulled out leaving me weak and sore around my v area.
He covered me with the duvet and I stared at him with tired eyes.

“Dont go Jeremy…please” i muttered and slowly shut my eyes in sleep.

⏰Next morning⏰

I fluttered my eyes open and sat up feeling so…alive.

I was relieved the moment I saw Jeremy standing before the mirror.
He seemed to be ready for his journey.

I felt so sad remembering he’ll be leaving but he’s angry with me…

“My cousin, Sasha will be coming later. She’ll state her course when she arrives. You’ll see the credit alert right now. Don’t bother to call me cause am not ready to talk to you” He said coldly before taking his phone from the desk.

He ambled to the door and held the door knob. He paused and turned.
It was just a second stare before he walked out of the room entirely.

I slumped on the bed ready to cry my eyes out.
He’s gone.

He just left like that!
How can he be so heartless???

I sniffed and covered myself properly with the duvet.
When he returns, I’ll make sure I’ll be cold to him. He would be the one begging me for being so icy and unforgiving.