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Crazy Couple. Episode 56

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????????CRAZY COUPLE????????

{She’s stubborn ✨ He’s arrogant}

Written ✍ by Eunice Nwodu????

Episode 56


I sat on the bed occupied with reading an article in my phone. Jeremy was getting dressed and I really wanted him to say something – anything!

I’ve been keeping up with the silence treatment for hours now and he’s almost going crazy.

I winced as i felt a twinge around my head. Sending my hands to my forehead, I noticed he was staring at me and those strange feelings returned.

He should say something – anything!

I rubbed my temple for a while before bringing down my hand. I looked keenly into my cellphone and soon I felt the moves of him climbing on the bed.

He dropped his head on my thighs staring up at me.
I held a frown as I looked away from him.

He snatched the phone off my hand and threw it at the far end of the bed.


“Stella…you can’t keep this up for long” He groused and I swore I had almost scoffed.

*oh…watch me*

I tried to push his head off and I felt his soft black hair.
Its lovely and very charming to look at.

“Talk to me babe…please” He said sounding persuasive.

I found myself running my hands on his hair and soon, squeezed it tightly and he winced.
He sat up and I loosened my grip on his hair.

“Fu-k!” He cussed biting his lower lip.
I took my eyes away still quiet as usual.

“I really needed to be there…i was so mad you kept it from me and that’s the reason I overreacted…huh? I apologize babe” He said icily and I remained stiff as my eyes bored into his.

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Are you this tough hearted??? I’ve apologized…why are you not saying anything, huh?” He asked sounding pissed off.

I looked up at the ceiling distractedly. He took my hand and pulled making me look at him again.

“I love you Stella and I’ll never give you the silent treatment no matter how mad I am. Alright?” He said and drew closer so our foreheads would touch.

He placed a kiss on my forehead and I felt my heart soften and I had the urge of hugging the light out of him.

“You left me like I meant nothing to you” I muttered as my eyes welled up.

“No babe…You mean much more to me than anyone else. You’re my everything.
I really needed to be there. That’s the reason I left,…” He paused and took a deep sigh.

“I had no idea I hurt you this much. Please forgive me” he added and cleaned the tears that had begin to drop.

I sniffed and he pulled me into a hug.

“Am sorry” he muffled against my hair.
I kept mute as he stroke my hair slowly.

He kissed me on my lips and I reciprocated.

“Hey..I got you something” He whispered and my eyes dimmed.

“You did?” I asked surprised and curious.
He nodded perfunctorily before getting off the bed.

He walker to his luggage and strolled it back to the bed. He dropped the blue bag on the bed and unzipped it.
He brought out a box and handed it to me.

I smiled and opened the box…It was an android phone.


One of the newest!!

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He opened another wooden red box and brought out a necklace.
Look at that shine!

“I think this will look great on you babe” He stated and I shrugged.

Finally, he brought out a key.
Hold on…a car key!

“The car’s downstairs. You can check it out tomorrow, huh?” He muttered coming to me on the bed.

“You…you got me a car???” I asked besumed.

“Yeah. I hope you’ll like the color” He said and took the phone from me.
He dropped it on the drawer before turning to me.

He took his hands to my shirt and began to unbutton it.

“Jeremy…” I called with a grin.


“I really wanted you yesterday but you were at God-knows-where” I said and he smirked.

“So, you don’t want me today?” He asked and I looked down wryly.
He kissed me on my neck before falling beside me on the bed.

“Am tired anyway. We were so busy with different stupid meetings that I barely had enough sleep…goodnight Stella” He said squinting his eyes.

“Um…goodnight” I replied and laid well on the bed.
He pulled me close and stroked my hair gently till I fell asleep.


My eyes flickered open as the thought that’s it’s another new day nuzzled me.


I felt so tired and pains around my hips.

*It must be from yesterdays shopping*

It’s difficult to stand for hours especially when there’s a baby growing inside somewhere.

I think I’d need a massage from Sasha and Zac.


Now I remember.
We had a deal though.

Jeremy walked out of the bathroom in his towel and he took his eyes to me.
Ever handsome????

“Morning” He said not taking his eyes off me.

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“Morning” I mumbled stretching the little way I could.
I was to frail to lift a muscle!

“Um…I’ll be going over to Jeffrey’s house right now to see Nina. I’ll be back before you know it, huh…” He informed going to the wardrobe.

Oh no…
This can’t be happening again!!

Am tired of sharing Jeremy with that lady all the time.
This can’t keep happening.


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