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Crazy Couple. Episode 55

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????????CRAZY COUPLE????????

{She’s stubborn ✨ He’s arrogant}

Written ✍ by Eunice Nwodu????

Episode 55

He stopped the car before the mall and I got down even before he could.

I walked through the huge entrance ad I got the hunch that he was staring at me. He can only stare but I won’t let him lay a finger on the me.

I didn’t have time to write down a list of things we needed but I was sure there was not much daily foods at the cupboards.
There’s so much to buy????

I went to the packaged milk section while Jeremy pushed the shopping cart.
I stood before three milk brands from different companies wondering the one that’d taste better.

Oh well…

I carried all three of the heavy mini gallons and dropped them in the cart.

I was disappointed to catch Jeremy busy with his phone.

Oh fu-k!

This is starting to get annoying…If he’s not with his cellphone, his definitely with his laptop and the cycle continues.

I’d slap him one day in austere irritation.

I continued taking more gallons and dropped them into the cart.

*Becareful with that* i heard his deep s*xy voice behind me.

I remained stiff for a moment before continuing with my stupid pretence that he’s not there.

He sighed and collected one of the gallons from me keeping it inside the cart.

“Won’t you tell me what the problem is? Did I commit and offence?” He asked sarcastically and i threw my face away walking to the other side.

The obsessed and crazy Stella would definitely reply him but right now…I’m the mean Stella and i won’t put my guard down.

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He pushed the cart to my side again as I started taking multiple boxes of sugar – even more than we needed.

“Stella…Why are you doing this, huh? You’re being very annoying right now” He stated and I scoffed still busy with buying everything in the mall.

“Ste – lla??” He drew my name and i chuckled within me.

Is he going crazy already?

The rest of the shopping was fun as i didn’t even spare him a glance and he couldn’t stop pushing me to speak.

But we spent lots of hours shopping and I took the liberty of buying some toys for the unborn baby.
I liked the colors so much.

“I miss your voice babe…please stop this craziness, huh?” He asked soberly as we got to the counter to pay for the items purchased.

There was a lady standing at the counter. She looked neat and quiet.

One of the mall workers came to us and helped in bringing out the things on the counter for the price tags to be checked.

Soon, the lady was done and mentioned the exact amount of everything.


It was a lot but I had it covered.
I brought out my black card and stretched it out to her.
She was about to accept it when Jeremy tried to give her his oen card.

“Use mine instead” He said to her in a more commanding tone.

The cashier stared at us looking utterly confused on who’s card to collect.

“What are you waiting for? Take the card already” I said trying to force it into her hand.

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“Take this card lady…Think about your life” He said and I cringed.


“Think about your hair” I said grinning.

“I…I’m confused. Let’s do it this way, you both can divide the money and pay half each” She said and I scoffed.

“That’s not happening. I am the one that has been taking things from the shelf, not him…so please let me pay for what I bought” I said glaring at her.

“Collect that card from her and consider your job gone” Jeremy threatened and I was forced to look at him.


He looked damn serious.

“Oh….please sir! Don’t do this” the cashier blurted out and I turned to see her already in tears.

She took his card immediately and waved it over a machine and the bills were transfered immediately.

I rolled my eyes.

She’s so vulnerable.

My hips were hurting already as Jeremy and I walked back to the car but we weren’t close.
The workers carried the heavy bags to the booth of the car and am surprised it all fitted right in.

Jeremy tipped them off before entering the car.

I stretched myself before going into the car as well.

He drove off and I yawned loudly. A disturbing sound from my stomach followed and i wrapped my hands around it inorder to suppress it.

I lifted my face to notice Jeremy was staring at me.

I sighed and took my eyes out the window.

I was feeling sleepy too.
What’s wrong with me??

After a while, the car stopped and I snapped my head scouring the whole surrounding with my eyes.

A resturant!

Thank Zeus.

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We got down from the car and he took my hand forcefully since I resisted him.
We got settled in at a table for two and we began placing our orders.

“I want french fries and chicken nuggets…” He said and I gasped.

“But you’re allergic to chicken nuggets” I chipped in and the two men stared at me.

Why do I have to care for Jeremy so much??????

“I know am allergic but I have to take it cause you’re mad at me” He said and I frowned sadly.

“If only you’d forgive me and talk to me…I won’t have to eat it” He said and signaled the waiter to go.

I didn’t say a word as we waited for our meal. I was so hungry, I could eat a whole post of beef stew.

The waiter returned and he had chicken nuggets with him.


It would make him – Jeremy sick.

I pretended not to care as I ate from my plate.

I raised my eyeballs to see him poking at the chicken nuggets.
He took a spoonful and took it to his lips.

“Jeremy” I muttered and he paused.


“Don’t eat that…” I said and he smiled.

“Can I also get a kiss?” He asked and I took my eyes back to my food.

He dropped the spoon and I heard him push the two plates forward.
He doesn’t seem hungry but I was an opposite of him at the moment.

I finished everything and we left the resturant.
Oh… And Need I forget the resturant belongs to his father.

We entered the car and he drove back to our house.


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