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Crazy Couple. Episode 47

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????????CRAZY COUPLE????????

{She’s stubborn ???? He’s arrogant}

Written ✍ by Eunice Nwodu????

Episode 47

I waited for a while before I heard Nina’s voice across the phone.

☎Nina, what’s wrong with you?

I asked pissed off.

☎Jeremy, I don’t have an apettite. I really don’t feel like eating. Am sad to.

☎What the fu-k is that supposed to mean?? You’re aware you’re pregnant and you still serve yourself?!!

I yelled sternly and I heard her sniff.

☎Why are you yelling at me like this?…

I disconnected the call and threw my phone to the couch.

She’s so annoying!

I turned to the stairs and rushed upstairs back to our bedroom.

Stella was on the bed already in her nightie pressing her phone. I moved to her and she looked up.

“What’s wrong?” She asked staring at me with those puppy eyes of hers.
I sighed and knelt beside her on the bed.

“First, I fired the maid. She was actually trying to find out if you were pregnant for my mom. I caught her adding something to your drink” I replied and she gasped.

“How can she do such a thing? I mean – your mom” she stuttered and I took her hands.

“Babe, there’s something else…it’s Nina. She’s starving herself. She hasn’t taken anything since morning” I paused and she rolled her eyes.

“So?” She asked and I sighed.

“I want to go to Jeffery’s and see what’s wrong with her. She has to eat”.

“You’re leaving me here to go visit the slut? We don’t even know if the baby is yours…”

“I know but what if it turns out to be mine. Better safe than sorry Stella” I stated and she yanked her hands off mine.

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“C’mon babe. You have to understand. I’ll be back in no time” I said rubbing her cheek.

“It’s already late Jeremy and you’ll have to spend the night there” I smiled and tried to kiss her but she looked away.

“Babe please, Go before I change my mind. It’s cold outside. Wear a jacket” she muttered and I got up.

“Good night love” I said and went to the wardrobe. I took a jacket and left the room.


I walked into Jeffery’s house and met him reading a book.

I was damn shocked to find him before a book not being forced to read.

“Hey…” I muttered scouring the room for Nina.

“What?! You didn’t tell me you were coming” He said and came to me. We shook hands and he sighed.

“That girl’s up to something” He said and I clenched my fist.

“I’ll take care of her, don’t worry” I said and went to the kitchen. I made some noodles for Nina and added lots of vegetables.

Some minutes later, i went up the stairs carrying a tray containing her food.

I walked to her room to meet her on her bed crying.
She reminds me of Stella…????

She wiped her tears on seeing me. I sat beside her and dropped the tray inbetween us.

“Jeremy?” She called with a sniff.

“What’s the matter? Why don’t want to eat?” I asked and she pouted her lips.

“Am sad and frustrated Jeremy. Being pregnant and without knowing the father and you expect me to eat like everything’s fine” she paused and began sobbing all over again.

I sighed and began consoling her. I fed her and she ate slowly. Her baby bump were starting to show bit by bit and I felt like feeling it.

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What if it’s my kid??

What the he-l do I do???

I’ll loose everything for sure!

I woke up after so much rolling on the bed. It felt cold since Jeremy didn’t spend the night with me.

I sat on the bed watching the movie showing on the television.

I was moody but tried to cheer up since he’ll be back soon.

The door opened like it read my mind and Jeremy stepped in.

His eyes were a bit puffy and he came to me on the bed.

“Good morning” I said and kissed him.

“Am so sleepy and tired babe. I was up all night thinking about you” he mumbled and I scoffed.

“Don’t pretend. Am sure you slept with Nina. You were hard last night” I pouted and he chuckled.

“I was with Jeffrey downstairs” he groused and kissed me on my shoulder.

I hit him on his chest and he laughed.

“Am tired Stella. I don’t think am strong enough to argue with you right now” he muttered and laid well on the bed.

I rolled my eyes and continued with the movie.
At least I have him all to myself.

The rest of the day wasn’t so fun. Jeremy slept for hours before facing his laptop. But I dont mind so much.

I just can’t wait for us to make l love with him tonight.

I sat on the bed with my phone scrolling down Facebook.

The door opened and Jeremy walked in. He was holding some papers in his hand.

Isn’t that….

“Can you explain while you hid these papers from me?” He asked with an angry tone.

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Oh no…