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Crazy Couple. Episode 49

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????????CRAZY COUPLE????????

{They are inseparable✨}

Written ßy Eunice Nwodu????

Episode 49
I took a bath and wore something simple for the day.
I made breakfast and ate it slowly. I barely had appetite.

I heard a knock on the door and I went to see who it was.

I opened the door ajar to see a dude with a pink haired lady.
What’s going on?

“Who are you?” I asked curiously staring at them.

The lady laughed and glared at me from head to toe.

“Isn’t this Jeremy’s house? Why are you acting like you’re the boss around here?” She groused and I scoffed feeling amused.

Some people do have a death wish.

“Please excuse my babe and I” she said chewing a bubble gum. They walked past me pulling their luggage along.

I shut the door and turned to them.

The girl whom I supposed was – Sasha, Jeremy’s cousin.

She’s super rude and picky.

But…who’s the guy?

The guy sat on the couch while the girl took the liberty of sitting on his thighs.

“You must be starving babe” She said and they both kissed themselves hungrily.

Oh…she brought her boyfriend along to stay here.

Crazy people????

She began taking off her top and I flinched.


“What do you think you’re doing Sasha?” I asked with a crumpled look.

“Oh! you know my name” She said chewing her gum and making sounds with it.

I nodded.

“Why are you really here?” I asked and she sighed.

“We are having a make up contest downtown and I needed a place to stay till we’re done with the seminar and other crap” She replied and I noticed the dude squeezed her butt and she winced.

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“And who’s that?” I asked and she chuckled.

“He’s my boyfriend – Zac” she said and they kissed again.

I’m definitely going to throw up If I see them kissing again.

“I think you both should carry yourselves to a more private room, don’t you think?” I stated with my hands on my waist and she laughed sheepishly.

“That’s so uncool” Her boyfriend muttered and I shot him a glare.

“Since you both would be staying here, there are rules guarding this house” i said and Sasha scoffed.

“And who made this rules?” She asked glaring at me.

“I made the rules Sasha. And if you break any one of these rules, I won’t waste time in telling Jeremy” I stated and they both stood up in a haste.

“First rule, you’re not allowed to make out anywhere else but in your bedroom.
Second rule, I want piece and quiet and the last rule is don’t keep your things carelessly. Am I understood?” I said and they both rolled their eyes.

“We’re not kiss ma’am” Sasha retorted and took the handle of their luggage.

“Wheres our room?” She asked and i pointed to the dark room downstairs.

“I want to stay upstairs” she groused and I sighed.

“Fine…go” I said and watched them leave dragging their bags.


Have I turned to a babysitter or what??

Those two doesn’t sound promising. Am sure they’d still look for trouble. This means, I have people to prank!????

I’ll go to the market tomorrow and get new set of pranking equipments.

It’s going to be fun for sure.


I sat on my bed thinking about Jeremy.
I miss him so much and I wish he’d just pop out of nowhere and stroke my hair till I sleep off.

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He’s so cold hearted when he’s been offended and that’s makes me feel worse and guilty for hurting him.

My tears scrolled down my cheeks as I couldn’t control my emotions.

I have no idea when he’d come back though.

I couldn’t stop the tears as more thoughts about him clouded my mind.

Suddenly, my phone began ringing and I picked it up.
It was just a number with no registered name.

I answered the call and tried not to sound too teary.


I whispered into the phone.

☎You’re still awake by 11:30??

Oh my God!!!

It’s Jeremy.
I felt butterflies dance around in my tummy and a tingling sensation followed.

He called!

☎I was just about to sleep.

I said pouting.
My tears had already clouded my vision and it was blur. I quickly rubbed my eyes.

“You’re crying?” He asked and I nodded though he couldn’t see me.

“No…i’m just sleepy and very tired” I lied and he was quiet for a while.

“How’s the baby?” He asked and I felt like crying all over again.

“It’s okay” I whispered.

He didn’t say anything else and I just remained stiff listening to his breath on the phone.

“Don’t go to sleep without eating. Goodnight” He said and hung up.

Just like that??
I tried calling his number but it turned out to be switched off.

I got off the bed and moved the kitchen to have dinner. I feel very unhappy right now but I don’t want to disobey Jeremy.

I love him so much but am sure he doesn’t love me at all.

If he did, he wouldn’t have left me here alone with his crazy cousin and her stupid boyfriend.

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