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My Bethroded. Season 2 Episode 1

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???? My Betrothed ????
????(Our love story)????

Season 2 episode 1

By Simrah Saeed

???? Alexa ????

I freshened up and came down stairs for my lunch. I just wish to be alone for now.

Maybe I that will cool off my head a bit.

The maids already served on the table before I came so I joined and ate quietly without been chatty like always.

You know there will be a time in your life that will make you think deeper and read meanings to life .

Sometimes riches doesn’t matter but your happiness counts.

I always got everything I needed but I am suffering from emotional breakthrough.

” Are you okay Alexa?” Emma asked taking me out of my trance

” Y…yeah I am fine ”

” I noticed you’ve been quiet since you got back Alexa what’s the problem? Did you had a fight with Zach? ” mum asked while I shook my head and Annabel whispered to me to cheer up.

” No mum, we didn’t fight”

” But you seems to be in deep thought and you are not eating. You just took a spoonful Alexa ” she said in a concerned tone.

” Or is the migraine still disturbing you? I need to call doctor Edward immediately please” she said staring at me and I chuckled.

Mum is so concerned about her children.

” I am fine Mum, you worry too much ” I assured and she sighed.

I hope she’s convinced.

” Okay then, you will eat and I will call doctor Edward period!” She said with finality. Who needs to explain to her that I am not sick?

” I will take her to the hospital rather Mum ” my head snapped at the door to see Zach .

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I looked away immediatetly as our eyes met while he kept a genuine smile on his face.

” That will be perfect Son, Alexa is I’ll but doesn’t want any treatment. Just make sure she gets checked up ” mum said smiling widely at him

” Trust me Mum, I will do that. She complained of headache to me a while ago too ” lies! When did I tell him that?

” I thought she dropped you off few hours ago?” Mum asked and my hand became sweaty . Good radiance!

I lied to her and I am sure Zach won’t understand.

” Oh yes she did but when I called and she didn’t pick up, I thought her sickness has gotten worse and so I decided to check up on her again ” ah! What a perfect lie!

I sighed in relief and Annabel smirked.

” Then join us for lunch and after then you will take her with you”

” Yes mum ” Good way to continue a day. I am trying to avoid him and the he took the empty sit beside me.

He served himself and sat down not without glancing my way.

He held my hand with his left hand under the table and I stared at him.

He smiled at me while I sighed. I tried removing my hand but his grip was way too stronger.

” Are you not eating again hunny?” Mum asked ….

” Uhmm,I think I am filled up Mum ” I said.

I can’t possibly tell her that her son in law prevented me from eating by holding my hand….

” That’s not true mum,she wants me to feed her ”

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I choked on my spit as I heard that….
He isn’t serious is he? When the hell did I tell him that?

This guy is impossible! Gosh!

” Aww! How romantic ” Emma cooed like a baby while I glanced at our hands linked together.

” Did we need to leave first?” Annabel chipped in and my face turned red.

I just had to hide my face in embarrassment and the blush while he just chuckled.

” Are you done ?” Mum asked Emma and Annabel…

” Yes Mum we are ” they replied simultaneously standing up.

Are they really going to leave us ?

” If he asks for forgiveness, forgive him and don’t be mad at him ” Annabel whispered to me.

” Take care love birds ” Emma yelled as mum smiled at us and left leaving us.

I knew he was staring at me but I can’t bring myself to look at him.
Wait hey! When did I become shy of him ?

” Hey ” he said releasing my hand

” H..hi ” I replied awkwardly

” Look at me Alexa ” he said raising my chin

I glanced at him and I heard him released a breath.

” I know you might be mad at what Eric did to you in the past but trust me, I am different ”

” I might’ve been a dickhead at first but you changed me Alexa, you made me who I am today”

” I will never bring myself to hurt you that way”

” I planned to do that but not anymore when I knew what you represent in my life ”

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” You are light and I am darkness. You changed me Alexa and I can see light in me now ”

” I am sorry if I might have hurt you during our fights and I am ready to amend things ”

” Please forgive me Alexa ”

” I never knew what was love until you came into my life”

” The feeling kept getting stronger each time I tried to get it away ”

” I can’t pretend to hate you anymore when my heart says otherwise ”

” My heart beats faster when I am with you and when I think about you ”

” Zach…”

” Please let me speak”

” Our relationship might not be perfect but I wish it turned out to be the best, please forgive me and give me a chance. Give us a chance Alexa please”

Goodness! Did he just confess his feelings for me? Annabel wasn’t wrong.
Zach loves me! He just freaking said that….

His gaze was glued to my face as I stared back at him with no word coming out of my mouth.

” I …I….I….love you Alexa”

I breathed out !
What do I say? I am out of words.

I don’t even know if I feel the same , I can’t give him a answer that might hurt him.

” Zach….”

” Don’t you think we should go out for a while pretending you went for check up? Because I know you are not sick ”

” And I will give you enough time to think about it. I will be okay with any answer from you, I will understand ” …..