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My Bethroded. Season 2 Episode 6

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???? My Betrothed ????
???? Our love story ????

Season 2

Episode 6
By Simrah Saeed.

???? Zach ????

I blinked my eyes rapidly averting my gaze from her body not to make it obvious that I was fucking her with my eyes.

She looks so hot, how come I haven’t noticed she has this killer shape like that of a model?

Is this really the Alexa I know? My fiancee? Goodness!

She hide this beauty under those baggy dresses she wears all the time .

Well, I am very glad that she hid everything from other guys out there ready to devour her if she’s at sight.

I can’t believe she’s mine, I almost lost her because of my stupidity Gosh!

” Can you stop staring please, it’s creeping me out ” she said nudging my arm shyly.

Our wedding day has been fixed and it’s next week. I can’t really tell how excited I am that it’s this near.

I can’t wait to have her all to my self. I can’t wait to make her mine.

” Your beauty that’s radiating keeps me staring, I am so lucky to have you as mine baby”

” Stop flattering me Zach ” she chuckled

” You know I am not flattering you you are super ” I turned her around and she sat on my thigh.

” Beautiful”

” Zach ” she called softly

” Yeah baby ” I kissed her neckline down to her back, I am becoming obsessed with touching her…

” Z… Zach…” She moaned

” Someone might come in ” she whispered but I seriously want her.

” I don’t care, this is my room right? And you came to see me” I replied caressing her knuckles.

I kissed her earlobe slightly turning her to face me before interlocking our lips.

Her lips taste like lollipop, I wish I will be opportuned to lick it every fucking day.

I am sure not going to be tired of it even till eternal.

I bit her tongue and she moaned in pleasure while my hands slowly moved inside her shirt…

Everything was cut short when mum’s voice echoed in…

” Zach and Alexa be down in two or I will come in ” she yelled from downstairs.

I groaned and broke the kiss.
She’s such a kill joy, why is it now that I am enjoying this sweet meal?

Alexa smiled and pecked my lips.

” Do not worry babes, I am all yours so chill ” she laughed jumped down from my thigh.

Yeah! She’s all mine, there’s nothing that’s gonna stop me from having her on our wedding night.

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I have endured enough, there’s no freaking way she’s escaping that night.

I have controlled the way she’s been turning me on if she’s close by.

Seeing her alone gives me a hard on.

She’s driving me crazy.
I can’t even explain or understand how I fell in love with her.

It’s really miraculous…..

” c’mon let’s go” …….


???? Jenna ????

” I…I am sorry Mum” I pleaded with tears while clutching to my baby and Jane kneeling too.

” How could you have done that Alexa ” she said disappointedly.

If Dad was to be alive, he could have been more mad.

” You hid this from me for four years? ” She yelled angrily

” I… I am sorry ” that was the only thing I could say.

I am glad Emily and I bonded so well in just a week.

No doubt you will know that I am her mum because she looks so much like me. A replica of me.

Emily glanced at me then at Mum confusedly.

I won’t blame her, she’s too young to understand everything that’s happening.

” She’s sorry mum, please forgive her ” Jane pleaded on my behalf but she looked away.

” Is she my grandma Mum?” She asked as she used her tiny hands to wipe my tears.

” Yes Em, she’s your Granny”

She turned to Mum before leaving my grip running off to her.

She hugged her tightly leaving us surprised…

” Grandma ” she called.

Mum glanced at me then at her…

She sighed and picked her up to her chest ….

” Forgive mummy for what she has done Grandma, she said she’s sorry and my teacher in school told me that when someone wrong you, you should forgive her and you will be rewarded by God”

Wow! Did Emily just gave us a sermon? She spoke like she’s not just four years.

A smile crept on mum’s face while I sniffed away my tears…

” You should know that grandma loves you so much and I will forgive your mummy because of you” Mum said smiling at the little girl.

” Yaaaayyyy! Thank you Grandma, mummy come give her a big hug” she gestured with her hands and I stood up.

I am scared of hugging Mum in case she will push me away.

I stared fearfully at her. She smiled lightly and signaled me to come.

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I ran into her embrace while she patted my back…

” I am sorry Mum ”

” I won’t be left alone in the family hug ” Jane said and joined the hug….

I never thought it will be this easy.

” Do not let this repeat itself again Jenna ”

” I pr…..”

There was a knock on the door which distracted us.

” I will go get it ” Jane said standing up.

We are actually not expecting anyone….

” Daddy” Emily shrieked as she jumped down from mum’s thigh.

Brandon! He didn’t tell me he will be coming.

And how did he get to know where I live?

I stood up nervously. God! Should I sit or stand?

Jane winked at me and left upstairs…

” How are you doing princess” he asked picking her up.

” I am fine daddy, grandma forgave mum ” she said excitedly.
Hey! Who asked her that now?

” She did?” He asked

” Yes daddy”

” Why was she angry with mummy?” He asked chuckling.

The little girl won’t know that answer.

” I don’t know daddy , she was just angry at her ”

I burst out laughing at that. Really? Emily is so funny.

He came to where we are…….

Our eyes met and I practically avoided his gaze. It makes me feel nervous.

” Good afternoon ma’am” he greeted politely…

Mum stared at me and at him

” Afternoon son, please sit ”

” Thank you ma’am”

” Go get him some drink Jenna let me have a word with him”

I guess she knows who he is already from the way Emily jumped in joy .


???? Jane’s POV ????

” Where the hell are you? I paid you for a service and you are yet to to arrive. The wedding is almost starting ” I yelled angrily over the phone.

All this makeup artists can be so annoying.

” I am sorry ma’am I am on my way ” she replied

” Better be ” I hung up angrily.

Yeah! It’s Alexa’s wedding ceremony and I am the one that was placed in charge of makeup and artistry.

Its almost an hour before the wedding commence and the bridal makeover is not yet done.

It’s really pissing me off….

I walked angrily back to Alexa’s room when someone bumped into me

The house is so full and noisy Gosh!

Its him again! Why did he keep stalking me everywhere I go? Did I have any unfinished business with him?

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” Can’t you apologize for bumping into me?” I half yelled

He smiled annoyingly while I glared at him.

” I am talking to you Mr , apologize” I ordered.

He chuckled raising up his hands.

” Okay, I am sorry ”

” Better” I his and walked away.

” Excuse me Jane ”

Huh? How the hell did he know my name?

” Did you know me from somewhere?” I asked . It’s beginning to confuse me.

” Well maybe ” he shrugged

” What did you want?” I snapped

” Calm down Jane, I just want us to be friends ”

” I don’t need your friendship” I replied stubbornly walking off.

” Wait”

Oh God! Today is a big day and this guy is being an ass.

” What ?”

” I am Eric ”

” I never asked of your name” I replied rudely.

” I know anyways, can you please be cool? I mean no harm ” he said sincerely and I sighed

” Okay what is it? It’s my best friend’s wedding and I need to be by her side ” I said factly.

” Can you give me your number please, we can talk better after this wedding ”


” Please Jane ”

” Fine” ……


???? Zach ????

” Do you Alexa Keith take Zach Shane as your lawful wedded husband?”

The priest asked .

She glanced at me and bowed shyly…

” I do ”

” Do you Zach Shane take Alexa Keith as your lawful wedded wife?”

Did seriously need to answer that? I fucking do thousands times..

” I do”

” Repeat after me, I Alexa Keith takes Zach Shane as my husband in sickness, wealth and good health till God do us apart ”

” I Alexa Keith takes Zach Shane as my husband in sickness wealth and good health, till death do us apart ”

” Repeat after me Zach! I Zach Shane takes Alexa Keith as my wife in sickness wealth and good health till death do us apart ”

I repeated after him.

” As the priest of Seoul City, I hereby pronounce you as husband and wife”

” You may kiss your bride”

All this while, this is the only thing on my mind.

I can’t wait for this fucking wedding to end so that I can slam her on my bed and take her as I want….

No dullings! Nothing is stopping me from having her this night.
Tonight is the long awaited night……..


Better start closing yours eyes o????????