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My Bethroded. Season 2 Episode 3

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???? My Betrothed ????
????(Our love story )????

Season 2

Episode 3
By Simrah Saeed

???? Alexa ????

” What’s up girls ” I said as I sat beside them.

” Well, our best friend is getting married and so she doesn’t have time for us anymore ” Jane said and I chuckled .

Not that the wedding date is been fixed but our engagement is in three days.

I haven’t seen Zach since yesterday that he left after confessing his love for me.

I already decided to give him a chance since he has changed. And I think I also love him though I am not sure about it.

I will go see him by tomorrow. Yeah!

” You think so?” I asked smilling

” We know so ” Jenna chipped in

” That’s not it girls but I spoke to you few hours ago ” I defended

” But you left yesterday without letting us know ” Jane mimicked in my voice .

There were a lot on my mind yesterday that I forgot about that.

” Okay, I am sorry ” I apologized.

” Apology not accepted ” gosh! Jane !!!

” Maybe Jenna has forgiven you but I have not” she said hitting her thigh. Drama doll.

” What now?” I asked glaring at her.

” I will be your bride’s maid ” she clapped her hands together. .

” No way, that’s not happening Jane. I will be the bride’s maid” Jenna’s sharp voice echoed in.

” Yes way and that’s happening Jenna ”

” No”

” Yes ”

” No ”

” Yes ”

I covered my ears as they continue disagreeing with each other.

Is this two okay? There’s no specific date for the wedding yet so why are they making fuss?

” Can you both stop this”

” Only if you make me the bride’s maid” Jane said …

” I will be ” Jenna replied

” Okay let’s do it this way, Jane will be the bride’s maid while Jenna will be the maid of honor ” I clarified .

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They both glanced at each other. Jane frowned while Jenna grinned.

” Yes! I will be the chief maid ” Jenna jumped up excitedly.

” This isn’t fair Alexa” Jane said and I sighed.

” Wasn’t what you wanted?”

” Don’t mind her , she’s jealous already ”

” Have you let go off Stephen?” I asked and they both shook their heads.

” He needs to suffer ” Jane said.

” That wasn’t out plan Jane, let the guy go. Don’t you know his people will be worried by now? And his wedding is coming up coincidentally with my engagement same day, let him go please ”

” Not yet ” she replied stubbornly

” Jane ” Jenna called

” Please, I am sure he’s learnt a lot ” I added

” Fine I will let him go ”

” Thank you girlfriend”

” Just for you ”

” I….” I paused as my attention drifted to my phone that was ringing.

Crap! I totally forgot I was supposed to meet Brandon by five.

I checked the time and it’s thirty minutes pass five. Goodness!

He’s the one calling.

???? Hello Brandon, I am really sorry. I totally forgot our agreement because of my busy schedule .

???? I understand, are you coming now?

???? Actually, yes but my car broke down yesterday. Will you be able to come pick me up?

???? Yeah sure, it will be a pleasure

???? Thank you

???? Be there in ten .

I sighed as he hung up. All I need to do now is to change.

” Who was that?” Jane asked suspiciously while Jenna stared at me.

” Umm it’s a friend, I need to change now. He will be here in few and you guys will meet him”

I said rushing upstairs.

” You are getting married remember” I heard Jane said. Silly !

I shouldn’t keep male friends because I am getting married.

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I am still wondering what Brandon wants to tell me that’s that important.


???? Zach ????

” I have told you that I am sorry, I am very ready to ask for her forgiveness Zach ” Eric said

I shot daggers at him while he kept staring at me with sincerity

” Then do that, go apologize to her period!” I said calmly

” I… I want you to accompany me please bro ”


” You are not serious are you?”

” Of course I am ”

” Then I am not going”

As it stands now I feel so scared to see her. Or nervous rather.

I don’t know how I will start a conversation with her.

” Zach please, don’t tell me you have suddenly become shy of her” he said chuckling while I nudged his shoulder.

” Idiot, I can’t be shy of her you know ” I lied . …

He stared for a while and nodded

” Then I dare you to follow me to her house if you are not shy of her or trying to run away from her ” he said


” C’mon bro please, you might get to talk with her too and who knows, today might be your lucky day ” he urged me.

He has a point though, I haven’t heard from her in a long time now. We need to plan our engagement or so…

” Okay then, let’s get going. ”

” Yeah! I won ”

” Shut up idiot ”

” I am still your brother”

” Bighead brother”

” Same to you bro ”

I stone my shoe at him but he dodged it laughing loudly.

This guy’s ass needs to be slapped.

” Go change quickly and try to look your best, let her drool over you ” he said still laughing.

He’s not sure if what he’s going for will turn out to be fruitful and he’s here laughing like a maniac.

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” I thought I was worse but you need a therapist ” I replied and left.


I drove in and packed my car before hopping down with Eric .

” Are you coming in or you want to look around?” I said to Eric

” Of course but I am scared she will not forgive me, I have wronged her so much”

” Don’t worry, she’s a lady with a gullible heart. She will forgive you”

” I hope so ”

Not again! That guy I saw with her the other day is here!

What the hell!
He was also at the door while we joined him

I just wish to punch him right now.
I clenched and unclenched my hand before ringing the door bell.

” Good evening ” he greeted us.

” Yeah Eve…..” I cut Eric off

” Keep your fucking greetings to yourself you fool” I snapped.

Eric glanced at me confused, same as this idiot here.

???? Alexa ????

” I guess he’s here, let me get the door” I said and dashed to get the door opened and behold, there was Zach, Brandon and Eric .

Gosh! Why now….

” Uhhm, z…. Zach, Brandon you are here come in ” I stammered purposely refused mentioning Eric’s name.

His sight irritates me.
But how do I explain this now…?

I paced way for them and they all came in.

What can see fire blazing in Zach’s eyes which is scaring me.
I hope he doesn’t think other wise.

” Uhhm, okay girls meet…..” My eyes went to Jenna who stood up at the sight of them coming in .

With her eyes wide opened. She seems shock and surprise….

I traced her gaze to see she was staring at Brandon.

” J… Jenna?” He stammered…

” Brandon you ”

With that, she landed a slap on his face …
Okay, what’s going on? Did they know each other ?