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My Bethroded. Season 2 Episode 2

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???? My Betrothed ????
???? Our love story ????

Season 2

Episode 2
By Simrah Saeed

???? Zach ????

” Good morning Dad ” I greeted and sat opposite him….

He raised his head and stared at me like I just murdered someone.

I glanced at myself to see if there’s any bad thing on me but I didn’t see any .

” Did you just say good morning to me?” He asked.

Oh! Now I understand the look.

” I know I never gave you respects as my father and I am sorry Dad for everything ” I apologized slightly bowing my head.

Mum joined us as they both were glancing at one another.

” Is this my Zach? ” Dad asked mum and stared confusedly at us .

” You changed, yes! I wasn’t wrong after all ”

” I am really sorry mum and Dad” I said again.

” Well, son, I am glad you realized your mistakes, you are forgiven. Everyone makes mistakes at a point in our lives” he said…

” I won’t have a high Blood pressure any more?” Mum asked and I chuckled.

I have really caused her a lot.

” But, how? You just decided to change? Just like that?” Dad asked ….

” Love is too powerful and can change anything, I hated Alexa but not anymore. She changed me to who I am today because of the love I realized I have for her”

” If I continue being rude, a killer and many others. She will never consider me as a man to settle down with ” I explained…

My mind drifted to her, I just hope she gives me a chance to prove how much I love her.

” Wow!” Mum and Dad enthused simultaneously.

” This was the very reason I created the deal, I inquired about her and I learnt that that lady was ICE and you were FIRE. I did that so that she could stop you from burning the more but to quench you, it worked out ” Dad said smiling with full satisfaction.

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” That’s why I love the girl ” .. mum added.

” Come give us a hug and cheers to a peaceful family again ” ….

???? Alexa ????

His words kept replaying in my head. Did he really mean them? He truly loves me and have changed because of that?

I have never been this confused all my life.

” I think I just spoke to you big sis” Emma said

” Uhhm, I am sorry. What did you say?” I said and she scoffed

” You seriously didn’t hear what I said? ” She asked and I shook my head.

” What’s wrong Alexa? You’ve not been yourself since three days now ”

I smiled and ruffled her hair.

” I am fine Emma, I am okay ”

” You are not fine , I can see you are worried. Is it about your upcoming wedding?”

” No Emma, I just have some things to sort out. That’s what I am worried about, nothing more”

” Are you sure ”

” Yes I am very sure little sister ”

” I am not little, I am twenty” she argued and I chuckled

” Okay, okay ”

” I noticed something sis ” she said smiling widely..

” What?”

I know how my sister is, she’s a good observant .

” Zach comes here more often now and I can’t seem to get the way he was staring at you off my head, it was so romantic, oh my goodness!”

She said raising her hands in dramatization.

” Hey! Why will you be staring at him each time he visits?” I hit her playfully.

I don’t actually knows if he stares at me that way. Emma can be funny. ‘ so romantic ‘

” I was just looking out for my sister and I have come to understand that he loves you big sis ”

My eyes almost popped out of it’s sockets. Really?

” Who told you that? ” I asked

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” That’s because he’s changed, especially towards us and everyone, geez! He even bought me a brand new Apple phone product yesterday sis, I forgot to tell you ”

” I can remember the day we went for dinner at their house, I mistakenly spilled coffee on him. He almost choked me to death if not for the intervention of his father and now he apologized by buying me a phone ”

” Isn’t that amazing? I am sure he’s doing that because he loves you and he knows you will never love him with the type of life he was living. My brother in law is so in love”

She ranted non-stop while I watched in amusement! She’s really talking about Zach this way? Wow!

He actually bought he a phone just to apologize to her? Goodness! I can’t believe my ears.

” Sis ” she called making a puppy face while pouting. And she says she’s not a baby! .

” Yes ”

” Zach loves you, all I want is to see you happy and I am sure he’s the right man for you. Love him back please ”

Huh? Isn’t she been childish right now?

I narrowed my eyes at her.
I have discussed this with Jane and Jenna. They also advised me to give him a chance.

Annabel said I should give him a chance.
Everyone is just siding him and my little sister here too?

” Please big sis, he’s your happiness or don’t you love him?” She asked out of a blue moon .

I stared at her before I shook my head.

Did I love him? I am having a mixed emotions about this. I don’t know if I love him or not .

I don’t understand how I feel about him yet…

” Look at me and tell me you don’t love him ”

I stared at her and opened my mouth to speak but no words came out.

” Oh my! Zach is here ” she jumped up.

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I did the same. My heart began beating very fast, I am sure someone at the door can hear it.
Why am I suddenly becoming nervous…

” H… he’s here?” I stammered and she burst out laughing.

” I knew it, I know you love him. Look how nervous you look with just the announcement if his arrival , I just said that to know if you truly love him and you do sis. Do not fight the feelings, accept it and accept him”

She said and left my room.

I breathed out still feeling nervous, my hands turned sweaty.

Emma just tricked me to see my reaction and I did.

Maybe I should consider giving him a chance. ……

???? Brandon ????

I am so excited today, I have planned to ask Alexa something very important.

She’s the woman I have been looking for.

The type of lady any guy will wish to be with.

She’s endowed, smart and intelligent.

I dialed her number and she picked up after three rings…

???? Hello .

Her voice came in.

???? Good morning to that lady with the most enchanting voice in the universe.

I said and she chuckled.

???? Good morning Brandon .

???? How was your night?

???? It was fine , yeah!

???? Okay, Alexa?

I called and cleared my throat.

???? Yes

???? Uhhm……

???? You want to say something?

She asked

???? Y… yeah

???? Go ahead then, I am little bit busy .

???? Okay, can I see you please? I want to discuss something important with you ….

???? Is there a problem?

She asked

???? Not at all…

???? Okay, I will see you by evening.

???? Thank you Alexa

???? It’s fine, so same place and time right?

???? Yeah .

???? Alright, see you …

She said and hung up . Yes!

I can’t let this opportunity slip off just like that.

I am proposing to her today or never! ….