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Arrogant Maid. Chapter 12

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Arrogant Maid.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 12

Scott POV

I didn’t know what went wrong with me, I was surprised to see myself on the bare floor with Brendon laying on me and worst of it all, her lips were locked in mine.

I was stiff in shock for a while while trying to understand what was going on around me.

I watched her disengaged the hug. She stood and darted her face to a part of the room. I sat upright and traced her eyes to where her eyes directed at, I saw Helen sitting with a puffy eyes.

I ran to her and sat beside her. I can’t stand her sad. I carried her on my lap and then asked; “What were you crying?”

“I thought you were dead , uncle?” Her little voice came through.

“Dead! I don’t understand?”

“We broke your room in when we weren’t hearing anything from you. We were surprised to see you lay on the bare floor like someone that had died. Helen advised I did a recupperation and that was why you saw my mouth in your mouth and I’m glad it works. ” Brandon said.

“How dare you kiss me? You drugged me and kissed me right?”

“No no! Why would I?”

“See you asking like you have not drugged me before when you were going to party. ”

“Yes, I drugged you cause I was going to party but I have no where to go now, so I’m asking why I would drug you?” She asked.

“Shut that your silly mouth up. Now listen clearly, no matter what happens ,don’t ever place that poor silly lips of yours on mine again , understood?”

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“Don’t worry, next time I see you that way, I will let you die, then I will walk out and dig a grave to bury you since you did not have common sense to thank me for saving your life.”