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Arrogant Maid. Chapter 16

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Arrogant Maid.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 16

Brenda’s POV

I flushed my face with water and finally was able to open my eyes.

“You are wicked.” I said to Scott. What he did to me was unfair.

“You should have known better not to paint my face.” He said.

“Was that why you put paste on my face? Do you know how painful it was?” I asked and he scoffed.

“Good for you!” He took steps away

“Why did you give me water to flush my face?” I asked.

He paused and turned. “Cause I fear that you may die.” He replied.

“Paste can be painful on one’s face but it can not kill someone. Do you have feelings for me?” I asked.

He walked to me. “You must have gone out of your mind, who do you think I am? Some random guy that falls in love with a poor maid? Those that can fall in love with you are poor people like you.” He said and walked away.

I sank to the chair and rubbed my face.

Ouch! That was really painful. I rested on the bed and thought about my life.

He really believes I’m lowly and not worthy to be loved. Well, not like I love him too anyways.

Few hours later!

An idea had come to my head and I had plan on the best way to execute it.

I carried all my luggage and called on Scott. He walked out of his room and was astonished to see me with my luggage.

“Scott! I’m leaving. I’m tired of all the pain you are making me go through.” I said looking at him at the entrance of his room.

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He watched me for a while and walked close to me. “Leaving? What did I do?” He asked.

“So you did not know the things you have been doing for me.”

“How about the ones you have done to me.” He replied and I looked away.

“You really want to leave?” He asked.

“Sure, after all, you never liked me.” I said.

He lowered his head and ran to the entrance of the door. He locked it up and threw the key up.

“Go out and let me see.” He said and pushed his tongue out.

I realized that it’s impossible for me to leave seeing that he has locked the door.

“Open the door.” I commanded and he winked at me instead as he walked towards his room.

I ran to him and he picked up a race too. I was chasing him helter scetter in the house like a cat chasing a dog.

It was suppose to be serious, but it looks like fun to me.

I wasn’t really planning on going home, I just want to see his reaction.