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Arrogant Maid. Chapter 17

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Arrogant Maid .

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 17

Brenda’s POV

I leaned by the wall of thee kitchen thinking about what Scott told me. He said his ex girlfriend would be coming to stay with us for few days.

She came to do something in the city and she had preferred to stay in Scott’s home than stay at the hotel.

According to him, she is a rich kid and to me; I think all rich kids are rude.

They feel like the world is on their palm and as such, could maltreat any poor people anyhow.

Well, I hope she is a different type otherwise, I would never mind to deal mercilessly with her.


Scott’s POV

I stood at the entrance of my house as I watched Bella step out of the car.

I welcomed her.

“Being a long time.” She said. Truth is, I was not really happy to see her.

I would have denied her staying with me but mom insisted that she come to stay over cause she specially likes her.

“For the fact that we break up then doesn’t make us enemies.” She said but I never replied.

we both walked inside. On getting inside, she paused at sight of Brenda.

“Who is this thing?” Bella asked me referring to Brenda.

“Who is this thing?” I repeated pretending like I did not understand what she meant.

“This ugly looking slim bastard of course.” Bella replied.

“Well, she is our maid.” I said.

“Better!” She said as she dragged her bag away.

“Hey! Don’t go yet!” Brenda finally spoke. I knew it, Brenda is no coward but if she fights with Bella, my mom might fire her.

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“Please let her go.” I said to Brenda.

“Wait! What did she want to say?” Bella asked like someone ready to pick up a fight.

“You are seeing me for the first time and you are already calling me an ugly thing? Why are you rich kids so stubborn, rude and stupid?” Brenda said and I could see a huge shock on Bella’s face.

“What! ” Bella screamed and turned to me. “Did she know who I am?”

Bella didn’t wait for me to try before she went ahead and almost slap Brenda.

Brenda held her hand to stop it from hitting her cheek, she twisted it and made her fall.