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Arrogant Maid. Chapter 18

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Arrogant Maid.

Written by Feathers

Chapter 18

Brenda’s POV

The rude rich lady looked at me from the floor that I had made her fall on. Scott just watched the both of us.

She smirked wickedly. She stood ashamedly and cleaned her cloth with her anky.

“This will be your last day here.” She said and brought out her phone.

I have no idea whom she was calling. While she was dialing the number, she said; “Not only will I get you fired, I will make you sleep in jail.”

I watched her without saying a word. I know rich kids to be bullies but I’ve never feared them neither will I ever. Whatever wants to happen should happen already.”

Whoever she was calling refuse to pick. She cussed underneath her breath and diallled the person’s number again.

In few seconds , the person had picked it.

She began to cry all of a sudden.

“Your maid! …yeah…she beat me….she flogged me…she even poured me hot water!” I heard her say and after few seconds, she hung up and grinned wickedly.

“I will teach you this time that you don’t just behave anyhow to rich people ,especially someone like me. ” She said.

My phone rang and it was Scott’s mom. She was the one that employed me.

“Hello ma!” I said into the phone.

“I was informed you molested Bella?” She asked.

“Oh! The new girl. Well, I never did anything of such. She was seeing me for the first time and when I was trying to welcome her, she said she doesn’t like to cohabit with another female and that I should leave. I refused and she promise to frame me up so you can fire me.” I said and I could see Bella yelling; “its not true! She’s lying!”

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Bella kept screaming those words.

“Is Helen there?” Scott’s mother asked.

“She’s in her room ma.” I replied.

“Put her on phone.” She said and I went to call Helen. I place the phone on her ear but I already placed the call on loud speaker.

“I was informed Brenda poured hot water on…Bella, is she that horrible? ” Scott’s mother asked.

“No…Anty Brenda is very cool and loving. I love her. I was not there when the whole thing happened but…I love her.” She said.

“Give her the phone.” Scott’s mom said to Helen.

I received the phone from Helen.

“Hello ma.” I said to the phone.

“Not you, give it to Bella.” She said and Bella snatched the phone from me.

“Was Scott around when she was pouring you hot water and doing all those stuffs to you?” Scott’s mother asked.

Bella came to look at Scott and winked at him, probably telling him to side her.

“Ye…yes!”She said slowly like she wasn’t sure.

” Okay, give him the phone.” Scott’s mother said and Scott collected the phone.

“Mom?” Scott said into the phone.

“Son, how are you doing? How is the maid too?”

“Fine mom.”

“Were you there when Brenda poured hot water on Bella? And you couldn’t do anything to stop it from happening?” His mother asked.

“Nothing of such happened, mom.” Scott said.

I could see Bella bite his lower lips angrily as he shot Scott a terrible look of disdain.

“Okay, you guys should be careful, please.” His mom hung up.

“Your plan never worked.” I scoffed at Bella.