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Crazy Couple. Episode 57

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????????CRAZY COUPLE????????

{She’s stubborn ????He’s arrogant}

Written ✍ by Eunice Nwodu????

Episode 57

As soon as I was done with breakfast, I settled down with Sasha and Zac.

Since we had a deal, I had them fulfill it.
Sasha worked on my nails while Zac rubbed my feet. I shut my eyes enjoying the feeling of being taken care of.

I felt a twinge and I winced.
That was definitely Sasha.
“Do that again and I’ll definitely send the photos and videos to Jeremy right now” I threatened and she held a crumpled look.

“Am sorry” she mumbled and I rolled my eyes leaning back on the lounge chair.

I drove into the Sanchez mansion and parked the car at the parking area.

I came out of the car and entered the house.

She’s so going to hear from me this morning.

I barged into her room and met her on her bed with her laptop.

She looked up utterly astound on seeing me.

“Son, what are you doing here so early in the morning?” She asked standing up.

“Save the f'”king questions mom?!
You think am so stupid???
You sent your littlemaid to hurt stella, didn’t you?!” I half yelled and she flinched.

“Jeremy…calm down. Your grandfather is around” She whispered and I scoffed.

“Here’s the thing mom – I want you to stay as far as possible from me and my wife, do you hear me???! Let us be cause I won’t be as patient as this next time!” I rasped and stormed out of the room.
I almost broke down in tears after Jeremy left.

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He sounded so angry and disappointed.

Oh my!

What have I done??

I’ve made my own son tag me as am enemy????????

I have to set things right between us. I need to redeem myself so I won’t get blamed when harm befalls Stella.

I just wanted to be sure things were going as planned.

Oh lord…please cause Jeremy not to hold souch grudge against me.

I stopped the car right before Jeffery’s house and got down.

I had with me, gifts for Nina.
I figured it’d be unfair not to give her anything – Her child might turn out to be mine.

I hid the items from Stella cause I know she wouldn’t let me give Nina a dime.

I sighed and walked in. I met the maid mopping the floor and she smiled on seeing me.

“Mr Sanchez” She greeted
“You’re welcome”.

“Where’s J?” I asked scouring the living room with my eyes.
“He stepped out a while ago” She replied, brimful of smiles.

i nodded inserting my hand into my pocket.

“But he’s baby mama’s inside reading a book” She added and I snapped my neck glaring at her.

My glare alone made her scared and she lowered her gaze.

“Am sorry sir” She whispered and I didn’t say a word as I headed for the stairs.
She’s so loosing her job today.
I arrived at her room and knocked.
Her tiny voice ushered me in and I took a deep sigh before stepping in.

She was actually on her bed reading a book.


Creepy maid????

“Jeremy!!” She called accompanied with a surprise stare.
I ambled to her bed and handed her the box containing an expensive perfume.
It’s rare and special.

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She received it in shock.

“Wow! Thank you Jeremy” She said checking the box like She’ve never seen anything like it.

“Please sit” She pleaded and I slowly sat at the edge of the bed.
She smiled and dropped the book she was reading aside.

“How’s Stella?” She asked.

“She’s definitely fine.
And what about you…the baby?”.

She sighed and took her hand to her tummy. She rubbed it for a while.

“We’re good” she replied.

An unending silence crept in and it was probably cause I had nothing to say.


I really want to leave right now and be with Stella…
She must feel shattered whenever I leave her to meet Nina. But the truth is…I wouldn’t want to leave the whole responsibility to Jeffery.

It’s a lot of work and as the thing is right now, we are both fathers of the baby until she’s put to birth.

“What do you think the baby would be – a girl or a boy?” She asked coming close.

“Hm. Girl” I muttered and she cracked.

“You are a mind reader Jeremy!” She beamed and I smiled.


“Were you dating Stella when you threw those parties and invited girls?” She asked and I scoffed.

“No. We never dated…fixed marriage…I guess” I muttered and she nodded.

“Jeremy…” She called and I looked at her.
She stared into my face for a while and I was star ting to feel there was something there.

“You’re just so beautiful” she stated and crashed her lips on mine.

What the he.l???

She was persistent and forced her lips into mine.

I restricted her immediately and pushed her away from me.

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“What don’t you understand in the word ‘married’, huh?!!!” I roared and she flinched.

“Am…am sorry” she muttered looking confused and scared.
I scoffed and got up from the bed.

“Jeremy…please!” She called out but I was already rushing down the stairs.