February 3, 2023

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Crazy Couple. Episode 58

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????❤CRAZY COUPLE❤????

{She’s stubborn ????He’s arrogant}

Written ✍ by Eunice Nwodu????

Episode 58

I was relieved when I heard the sound of a car driving in.
He’s home!

I got off the bed and to my dismay, I ran downstairs inorder to embrace him.

I met him on the couch operating his phone. He lifted his eyelids at me before dropping them back to his phone.

I walked to him twisting my body.
He noticed and looked up again – he’s eyes boring into mine.

“You look doleful…
Did you make out with that woman?” I asked with a sardonic smirk placed on my lips.

He nodded abruptly and pulled me to sit on his legs.

“Yeah…She’s so good and her s3x styles are priceless…” He stated and I would be honest – I got jealous at that moment.

I have no experience with tough and unique positions.
I f”’king kept myself for him and he expects me to have knowledge of those things??


I should browse more…????

“Why do you suddenly look sad, huh?…Didn’t you get the answer you badly wanted?” He asked more like a mutter as he fixed his eyes on his phone again.

“Jerk” I muttered as I got up from his legs.
He held my wrist and made me sit back on his thighs.

He glanced at my nails. Sasha offered to fix artificial nails and gave them wild colors while Zac actually made me up and even though it was a light make-up…I can still tell I look different.

“Any problem?” I asked Jeremy staring directly into his face.
He scoffed but then smiled.

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“I liked your natural nails better. I loved seeing them touch my skin. They’re are pink and perfect while these are dark and devilish” He spat and I yanked my hands from his grasp.

“Get used to the new Stella you as*h*le!” I blurted and he chuckled.

“I love the old Stella babe” He whispered rubbing my thighs.

Mr naughty!!

I touched his hands on my legs and pushed them off.

“If you won’t make out with me tonight then don’t bother touching me there” I pouted and he smirked.

That smirk!..

“I never thought you would ever be ho*ny in your entire life Stella” He said with a quiet laugh.

“I don’t really want to…it’s the doctor’s prescription” I blurted though I had no intentions of lying to him.

He smiled.
“Yeah, right”.

I looked around the house getting bored and unentertained.
Jeremy was occupied with his phone already but he had me lean on his chest.

“I want to try out my new car hubby” I said biting my lower lip.

“gosh! You f”’king read my mind…let’s get out of here” He chipped in and we got up together.
He took my hand and we walked out of the house.

I have to admit it..
We need a maid or two around the house. The loneliness can drove someone nuts and Jeremy wouldn’t let me go to work or see anyone.
We got to the place and my eyes almost plugged out from it’s sockets.
It’s a white Porsche Taycan!!!

The glasses were well tinted and the tyres were damn spotless And come to think of it…it’s an Electric car!

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“Jeremy! Oh my God!!! That’s mine???” I asked bewildered.
He wrapped his hands around me while I backed him.

“For now…I might get you a better one later. I guess you like it?” He asked with his sweet voice hovering around my neck.

I nodded rapidly and he chuckled.

“Let’s take a spin then” He breathed out walking to the car.

I was too scared to even touch it. Both the door handle looked holy and too good. Just too good!
I stepped into the car and shuddered as my butt rested on the soft seat.
This is really happening!!

I closed the door and so did Jeremy. He handed me my phone and I took it.
So he has been with it this whole time…

He pressed a button and the car started. Whoa…
Jeremy took me to the mall and I wondered what else I’d be needing since I already had enough.

We sauntered into the large and spacious walk throughs.
As we walked to God-knows-where, I could swear I saw lots of people I happened to know.

We suddenly stopped walking and I looked at Jer. Who brought us here.

I looked up at the place before us. It’s a store – a pet store!

The door opened on its own and we went in.
Jeremy held me tighter as we stood before dog cages. Each cage has a puppy inside and I just remained stiff.

“Okay babe, pick a puppy” He said and my cheeks began to heat up.

I observed the puppies carefully and I just wanted one as stubborn as me.
I pointed at one which had so many hairs and the workers uncaged it.
“Something you can play with while I go to work tomorrow” He replied as we drove back home.

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“But…I’m tired of staying at home. I really want to go to work” I groused and he scoffed.

He didn’t say anything else and I sighed.
There’s no winning with this guy..
He’s as tough as a rock.

I couldn’t stop thinking about his words though.
Did he mean it when he said he slept with Nina?

“Jeremy…I want to ask you a question…and I want your sincere answer, alright?” I asked giving him puppy eyes.

He nodded with a shrug.

“Who do you choose…between the both of us – Nina or Stella??”: