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Living With Mr. Arrogant. Episode 13

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{14 Nights In His Bed}

©️Youngicee Stories.

Episode 13.



“Wow, you woke up so early today. Hottie must he really surprised, I bet he would blink his eyes twice if he sees you. ”
Carly laughs and I roll my eyes at her before grabbing a apple.
I love eating apples when I wake up.

“Oh please shut up! It isn’t that this is the first time I would be early for work. I just happen to always arrive late… Lately. ”
I add when she raises her brows at me and I laugh, shaking my head.

It’s just five minutes after seven so I have exactly fifty five minutes to get ready for work and I’m already in my dress. Just for me to eat and I’m all good to go.
Carly is right. Quinn would be really surprised if he sees me this way, getting early to work.
He must think that it’s part of his threat from yesterday but I don’t think it is.
The only thing.. The only reason I’m ready to early today is because I slept earlier than the past other days and I didn’t go to the strip club so my body wasn’t that stressed.
Though, I’m sure that from now on, I will be trying my utmost best to arrive earlier than I have been.

The prick threatened to be cutting off my money because he knows just how badly I need the money.
I haven’t settled my debt yet so I can’t have him cutting my money off.
I need each and every dollar that I’m gonna earn.

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Thinking about what he said made me remember what happened yesterday.
We were getting along . First time ever cause we rarely even talk to each other but I knew it was only a matter of time before one of us blows it off.
That’s just it. That’s how we are and that’s how much we truly hate each other.

Even if we want to get along and we friends and all those sh*t. It ain’t gonna happen cause it wouldn’t work with us. We are better off as enemies than us trying to be friends and good to each other.
We have grown so used to hating each other and it’s actually quite comfortable with us than us trying to help each other. That’s f**ked up.

“By the way, did you called the manager yesterday that we wouldn’t be able to turn in? ”
I raise my brows at Carl as I take a seat. I remember she didn’t say anything about telling the manager and if the manager doesn’t know that we wouldn’t be coming and we didn’t even tell him, he would be angry and his anger is worse than anything I have ever seen.

“Yeah, I told him. Thought he was a little grumpy about it because most of the men had been anticipating you dancing for them. I told him that you had a sickness so you wouldn’t he able to come but to would definitely make it tomorrow so he agreed. ”
She smiles at me from the kitchen and I smile back before walking over to her.

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“What have you been cooking? You have been there since forever! ”
I groan as I stare around and try to make out what it is that she’s cooking.
I can’t make it out though. I never am able to.

“Yeah, chicken and vegetables. Would you like some before you go? ”
She raises her brows at me and I stare down at the time again.
It’s getting close to seven thirty and the office is twenty minutes ride from here by bus and ten minutes by my own car and by my own car. I mean Carly’s car.

“No. I will not be able to. It’s getting late already and I had broke the record of waking earlier today. Don’t let that be ruined because of chicken and vegetables. ”
I roll my eyes and she chuckles before shaking her head while I bite into the apple again.

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“Okay. I guess you can wait. I’m almost done and you won’t be late, I guess. I’m giving you my car to take to office so you wouldn’t have to wait for the bus. ”
God. She treats me like her daughter. She’s an angel in my life.

“Second tine you’re giving me the car. Thanks. ”
I smile and she rolls her eyes before moving back to what she’s doing while I laugh.


I had breakfast. A proper one before driving up to office and when I check the time as I make my way inside the building, it’s just seven fifty.

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I smile as I feel lots of eyes on me and lots of surprised looks.
They are all probably gotten used to be running around every morning.

I greet every one I see and they seem pretty surprised also. I know it’s quite unusual of me but I’m in such a good mood this morning.
Maybe because I have managed to come here early or maybe because I have managed to get Vladimir off my neck… For now.

I take the elevator then up to his office.
I knock on the door and make sure sure I hear a come in before entering.

He raise his head to look at who it is and surprise clouds his features when he realizes that it’s s me.

“Good morning boss. ”
I smile and his expression quickly change to that of anger. Okay…?

“Here. I need this payer to be worked on and delivered within ten minutes. ”
I sigh as I look at him before picking up the paper.
I guess he’s still angry then.