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Living With Mr. Arrogant. Episode 28

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{14 Nights In His Bed}

©️Youngicee Stories.

Episode 28.



I gulp in as I move back immediately and he stares down at me, his eyes boring into mine while I look away from his watchful gaze.
Oh god. What the hell is he trying to do right now.
I gulp in as my heart beats fast against my chest and he’s still standing there, watching me keenly like I’m some sort of prey and he’s my predator.

I try to dart my eyes away from the way his muscles clenches. Oh god,i should have just walk out of here the moment he was undressing now I was stuck and I couldn’t move a inch neither could I tear my eyes away from him.

“Give me your answers now. My parents would be here together and there must be someone that should act as my wife. If you aren’t in with me then tell me now. ”
He growls and I gulp in, finally having the courage to look up at him and he’s staring at me.
His eyes fixed on nothing else but me.
How can his eyes be that dark and shiny at the same time.
I shake my head, no Kathryn.
Oh god. When did I start thinking about things like that?

“If I tell you that I’m out instead of in, who are you gonna call to replace me? ”
I mouth. I know I shouldn’t ask cause it’s really none of my business but I just couldn’t help but to want to know who it would be.
Would it be that girl that’s always coming out of his office?
I wonder who she is to him.

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“Anyone would be able to replace you easily. ”
Ouch. That hurts than it should. They are just here words and I shouldn’t care about them but it hurts when they are used like that.

“Does that include that lady that always come out of your office? ”
The words have left my math before I realize what I’m saying and I clutch my hand over my mouth, gasping softly.
Oh god. Why the hell did I say something like that?

“Are you jealous about her. ”
He takes another step closer to me with a smirk dancing around the corner of his lips and I shake my head immediately.

“No I’m not! Why should I be?! ”
I shout immediately, my whole body feeling hot.

“Good. You shouldn’t cause there’s absolutely no reason you should be. ”
He mutters and I nod, shifting uncomfortably between my legs. I still can’t get over the fact that he’s so close to me like this.

“I should go back to the room now since I wouldn’t be able to go see her. ”
I utter in a small voice and he sighs, moving back away from me slowly.

“The reason I don’t want you to go is because I don’t want this to mess up. I really need you here and I lied. No one can replace you cause you’re perfect for this job. ”
And my heart is beating faster once again.

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