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Living With Mr. Arrogant. Episode 30

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{14 Nights In His Bed}

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Episode 30.



I gulp in as I look away from his watchful gaze and stare down at myself, hoping that I’m still in good shape.
Quinn said to look the best that I possibly can and this job is really important to me so I must do what he wants me to
As of now.

“Be careful with the way you act and be of good behavior or you would be of absolutely no use to me. ”
He mutters as we both stand up and I roll my eyes at him before nodding a little and he walks ahead while I trail behind him with my heart beating so fast.

Geez. I’m so nervous, like I’m really meeting my husband’s parents.
I have always been nervous about Elder’s anyways and I hope I don’t mess this up or Quinn wouldn’t hesitate to deal with me badly at that!

“Alright. Here they come. ”
He mutters and we both stare ahead as the door to a car is open and a man step out from the first side while a woman steps out from the other side.

The man goes over to the woman before they both start moving with maids behind them and I gasp slightly as I stare at the woman.
I had thought she would be one old woman but now that I’m seeing her, she looks like she’s in her mids thirty or something.
My gaze goes over to Quinn father and now I can see where he got the looks from.
Both his parents are looking absolutely stunning.

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“Quinn! ”
The woman squeals as her eyes lands on Quinn and I turn over to Quinn who has a smile across his lips as he steps forward, walking towards them while I do the same. Still nervous.

“Mom. ”
He utters before hugging her tightly and I smile as I watch the woman hugs him tightly back, patting his back before they both withdrew from the hug and Quinn shakes his father.

“My boy. ”
They both smile at each other and all eyes turns to me as I shift uncomfortably between my legs before gulping in and bowing down to the couple.

“Welcome sir and ma’am. ”
I try to be polite in the most possible way that I could and I hope that I pulled it off.
With the wide smile that spreads across the woman’s face. I can tell that she’s most definitely pleased with me and it makes me feel even more confident than I was minutes ago.

“And you must be my son’s fiance. What’s your name darling? ”
The woman asks and I smile before bowing once again.

“My name is Kathryn ma’am. ”
I bow and she nods, staring at me.

“You are really beautiful and polite also. So respectful, I like her already. ”
She grins and I smile before bowing to the man who also pass me a smile.

“I think we should all go inside. ”
Quinn says and we all make our way inside.