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Living With Mr. Arrogant. Episode 29

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{14 Nights In His Bed}

©️Youngicee Stories.

Episode 29.



I toss over and over again on the bed, his earlier words still playing repeatedly in my mind and I can feel a smile making its way to my lips.

~I lied. No one would ever be able to replace you that easily ~
I know he doesn’t mean it the way I’m thinking of but still, it make me happy that he had said that.

I groan, turning to the other side again. I’m so used to always having Carly beside me and I ask like calling her and listening to her voice but all thanks to Quinn. I can’t.

Yes. It’s just for fourteen days. I will endure all these for just fourteen days then my life would finally be better.
I would go back home free of loans and I can choose from my own free will whether I want to continue working at the strip club or his company.

I smile before closing my eyes and allowing myself to drift off to sleep.

~The Next Morning~

I groan as I hear a lady’s voice from behind and I toss back around the bed, grabbing the pillow and using it to cover my ears.
Why is Carly bothering me so early in the morning?
I know I have to go to work but she should just allow me to rest just for a little bit more.

“Go away Carly. ”
I groan loudly when she starts shaking my body.

“Madam. Please wake up, master says to wake you up and prepare you. Please wake up. ”
The voice says again. Why the hell is Carly speaking like that?
Madam? Master? To prepare? Prepare for what?

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I open my eyes slowly and a lady that’s definitely not Carly is standing over me.
Dressed in white all through.

“Good morning madam. Young master has asked me to dress you up and come down for lunch please.”
She bow once again and I nod at her before getting out of bed.
That’s right, he did said that his parents are arriving today. They are the whole reason for why I’m here. I should get dressed already.

The maid bows to me before walking ahead of me to the bathroom and asking me to stay behind which I politely do.
Minutes later, she comes back out of the bathroom and bow to me while I smile at her, making my way to the bathroom and relaxing myself in the bathtub.


Hours later, I’m done with preparing and every other thing that needed to be done.
I’m dressed in a white flawless gown that barely touched my knee with my hair packed in a ponytail. I had asked the maid not to give me any sort of makeup which I’m glad she didn’t.

I walk out of the room and down the stairs with the maid still following behind me and my mouth nearly drops open as I stare at him sitting around the table.

“Sir. Your parents have arrived sir. ”
A guard says and Quinn turns to look at me, looking as surprised as I am. So fast?