February 3, 2023

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Living with Mr. Arrogant. Episode 14

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{14 Nights In His Bed}

©️Youngicee Stories.

Episode 14.



Working at office quickly pass by quickly with Quinn acting like a caveman most of the times. Well, all of the times. The only times he talked to me was when he really needed to say something to me and I’m indifferent about how he’s acting.
Maybe it’s I that’s thinking too much into this.
Even before he had saved me. This is how he always is.
He rarely talks to me so I’m sure he’s doing the exact same thing right now.
He isn’t acting weird or anything. I’m the one that’s overthinking things.

I sigh before wrapping everything up on my office and grabbing my bag, heading back out of the office.
Quinn already left so there is no need for me to check on him and bade him goodbye. Well, inform him that I will be leaving.

I let out a breath as I enter Carly’s car and the familiar warmth greets me.

I smile before starting the engine and it roars to life while I listen to Dua Lipa -break my heart- as I nod my head to the song and tap my fingers against the steering wheel.

My phone vibrates against the dashboard and I grab it. An unknown number.
I place it on speaker before dropping it back on the dashboard and turning the volume of the music down.

“Hello. Am I speaking with Miss Kathryn please. ”
The voice says in a really formal way and I gulp in, knowing who it is already. One of the companies dad borrowed loan from.

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“Yeah. That’s me, how may I help you please? ”
I sigh, even though I know what she’s gonna say.

“Okay this is ultimate cooperate and your family had borrowed loan here. It has been explained that the payment would be passed to you so we are still excepting to receive your payment.
You promised last month but we couldn’t see anything from you. Do this have to result to us having to arrest you? ”
Yeah, last month. I had to pay for the guys who had threatened to kill me first and now this.

I had thought I would pay some of Vladimir’s money off the month but I don’t think that’s gonna happen anymore. Now that this company is also threatening me.

“No ma’am. It doesn’t have to result to that. I will pay your money. Just give me one more month. I promise that I will pay it. ”
I plead as I turn the sharp corner that leads to the strip club.

Everything I need for them is already in my car and since I had arrived late from office today. I will just be going straight to there.

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“Okay then. Remember that we except you to pay your money in full.
That will be all. ”
Before I can even say any other words, the line is cut off and I breathe out before turning up the volume of the music to drown my fuzzy thoughts off.

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I park the car before getting out and grabbing my bag which contains my step cloth and the mask I would be using it conceal my identity.
I walk into the building and my eyes quickly scan around for Carly.
I smile when she waves at me from afar and I walk over to her.

“It’s good you are here early. It’s almost your turn. Manager is having you dance for extra an hour since you weren’t able to fill in yesterday. You should go dress up. ”
I nod before tossing her the car key and dragging my feet to the changing room.

I changed into the strip cloth with the mask over my face and drop my office wear into the locker before walking out of the changing room and my name is called.

I walk onto the stage and smile at the crowd of men who roars and pupils dilates upon seeing me.

I walk around the pole, staring at each and every one of them until my eyes caught something I never thought I would see.
Someone I never thought I would see in a place like this and my heart starts beating faster.