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Crazy Couple. Episode 65

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????????CRAZY COUPLE????????

{She’s stubborn ????He’s arrogant}

Written ✍ by Eunice Nwodu????

Episode 65

I kept wandering around the really spacious hotel in search of Jeremy.

I kept seeing folks and their beautiful French language filled my ears.

*Je suis très faim*

*Quelle une belle enceinte le femme!*

*Je dit parle!!*

I sighed and stood under a shade using my hand to obstruct the bright sunset from reflecting on me.

I think am going to stroll back to the suite and wait for him.

I looked around again and it became clear to me – am so lost!


How did I get this far? And leaving the suite in just my robe?

I must admit…Today’s starting so bad!

I covered my body properly with the robe noticing some stares from people around especially men.


I approached the open door facing me. There was no one else close to the door so I took the liberty of going in.

What sort of hotel is this?? How can everything look so luxuriant and fancy?

There was a large ball room before me. So dazzling and sparkled as the light from the chandelier reflected on it.


*Excuse me ma’am, how may I help you?* I heard from behind and I took a slow turn.

It was a plump lady with black hair and rosy lips. Her dress hugged tightly to her body and her feminine features was all over my sight.

“You speak English?” I asked feebly batting my lashes.

“Yes ma’am, I do” She replied perfunctorily.

“And am guessing you work here?” I further asked.

She hesitated a bit before nodding.
“Yes, I do”.

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I smiled contentedly dropping my two hands on my waist which was starting to ache like hell.

“I’ve been walking up and down this place and now as it appears, i think am lost. I can’t recall the route to my suite” I stated perturbed.

Her eyes drifted from my face downwards and she took her time feeding her scrutiny.

“What were you searching for in the first place?” Her question came humorous and I chuckled.

“I’d appreciate it if you’d just point me towards Jeremy Sanchez’s suite” I dead panned tiredly.

A surprise stare emerged on her face but it didn’t last a second and she replaced it with a smile.

Fake bi*ch.

“Um…Alright. Come with me then…”.

I was painstaking with the makeup tutorial I was watching following each step with so much enthusiasm.

The door creaked open and he walked in heading straight to the bed.

He slumped on it and took off his shirt afterwards.

“And what did the lawyer say?” I asked turning back to the laptop on the desk.

“You power thirst woman!…you don’t even care about how weak I look. The car broke down somewhere secluded and I couldn’t get someone to work on the car”

“So, you’re saying you had to walk home?” I cut in.

“Exactly my complaints!” He rasped angrily and I rolled my eyes.

“You foolish fat man. You’ve been asking stupid questions on the reason am after the wealth…well now you see!!

“We are going broke. You lavished the little grandpa gave you and the truth is, we are no different from beggers on the street!

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“Anyway, that’s not what is important now. What did the lawyer say?”.

There was silence like he was searching for what to say.

“He said he doesn’t know who grandpa gave power over the controlled shares. It’s confidential” He finally released the bombshell.

I cringed.
Seriously? What’s grandfather keeping from us? Who could he have given right over those shares???

The lady – Ava successfully brought me to the suite.

Guess I made a new friend.

“If you need anything else, please call me. I’ll be willing to help, hun” She professed with a smile and I nodded.

“Sure thing, thanks alot Ava” I chimed and she walked away.
I exhaled and shut the door before moving into the suite.

Suddenly, my tummy grumbled audibly and I twitched.

I totally forgot about breakfast!.
I rushed to the kitchen to make some scrambled eggs, bacon and some toasts and some macaroni and cheese too.

I held the fridge handle and tried to ease to open but froze the moment I saw the note pasted on it.


*Don’t panick babe. I had to leave for the meeting. See you when I get back…Love you????????*

I felt my heart sank slowly.
He had the guts to leave for work without me???


That woman is Jeremy’s wife?
She’s even pregnant for him.

No wonder he refused to screw me just like those formal days he would come for a meeting.

I sank into the bed lost in thoughts.

I think an idea just came into my mind.

Sit back Stella cause this ride will be a bit bumpy…

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