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Bad Boy Romance. Episode 12

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????Bad Boy Romance????

Episode 12

Payton’s POV

The Next Morning

‘Aren’t you going to school today Payton??’..Brody’s mom asked as she spotted me doing the dishes..

‘No ma’am well uhmm as you know I don’t have a proper uniform since Brody shredded it yesterday so i can’t go’..i replied.The horrible memory of the earlier event flashed through my mind and i shivered just remembering the insulting words and comments that were thrown at me yesterday..

Toilet shredder.
Grated cabbage..
She looks so stupid..
What is she doing in the boys bathroom anyway i guess she’s having s*x…

Endless row of questions and insults were thrown at me yesterday and i don’t think i can forget it ever in my life..

‘Uhhh Payton I’m talking to you??’..Brody’s mom spoke up and i jerked from my thoughts immediately..

‘I..I..I’m sorry i didn’t hear you..uhh..come again??’..i stuttered and she smiled..

‘I was asking if you’d like a new uniform today’..

‘Ohh yes,yes I would really like a new uniform thank you so much Mrs….’ voice trailed off as soon as I realised that i didn’t know her name..

‘Mrs Anderson’..she corrected and walked away.The urge to jubilate engulfed me so hard that I muffled a scream by biting my bottom lip really hard…

I wonder why someone as sweet as this would have a son like Brody??.She’s so beautiful and nice and kind too but her son is rude,flirtatious,wicked,conceited,self centered and in summary JERK.No words can express how much i hate Brody Anderson…

Well what can i do??.I’m a poor girl who’s on a scholarship working as a maid for her worst enemy…

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It’s time I end this ballistic feud between the both of us…

It’s time to call a truce…

Brody’s POV

At School
‘Yesterday was epic Brody,i mean you behaved like a monster with the way you tore Political money’s uniform,i mean it should be crowned the prank of the decade!!’..Cooper praised me endlessly as I sat down on my chair.

The whole class was rowdy,talking about how stupid Payton looked yesterday and for a minute i almost had pity on her…

Hell no Brody.She deserves every treatment she gets..

‘Mellow down class!! Order!!!’..Mr Rudolf,the German mathematics teacher with a Russian accent said aloud as he walked inside the class..

Everyone went silent immediately cause Mr Rudolf is one teacher you don’t want to mess with.He was one a military General in the Russian army but was retired so he be a me a mathematics teacher in our school.He’s the most fearsome teacher here and he terrifies me..

‘Well as you all recall we had a math test last week!!’..He said..

‘Yes sir’..Everyone replied in unison..

‘Good,well all I have to say is that majority of you failed woefully and most especially you Brody’..he said and walked up to me with my test script.He slammed it on my desk and when i looked down there was a capital letter F with a round circle on it and a warning which clearly said ‘YOU NEED TO PUT IN MORE EFFORT!!!’…


I can’t get an F in math?!..

I basically had an F in Geography last week and now another F in math?!..

Mom’s gonna give me an earful when i get home today..

‘You all need to pay attention in class,only Payton got an A in math and Greg got a B,you all should learn from them’..He said and walked away…

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The whole class became rowdy as soon as he was out of sight.I glanced at the empty seat at the left corner of the class which happens to be for that Payton girl..


She’s kinda intelligent after all..

Payton’s POV

I was done with all my chores in the house by the time it was 3Pm.Mrs Anderson had already left for work so i was alone in the house..

Ding dong!..

The doorbell rang.I went to check who it was and when i opened the door it was Brody.He seemed pretty angry judging from the look in his eyes.

‘Good afternoon’..I greeted trying to sound as nice as possible.

‘Keep your stupid greeting to yourself you idiot where’s my mom!!!’..He screamed at me..

‘Ohh sorry I..I just wanted to talk’..i whimpered and turned to leave.He snorted and grumbled under his breath.The only thing I could her was ‘F**king Mr Rudolf!!’ and i turned back…

‘You know what Brody?? Let’s call a truce’..I mustered enough courage to say..

‘Truce??’..He arched his brow and I nodded..

‘You want a truce?! You want a truce with me?! Oh my God you really don’t have a good sense of humor do you?!! You want to call a truce with me?! Let me break it down to you Toilet Shredder you’re nothing but a stinking dirty maid and i want nothing to do with you okay?!!’..He screamed and pushed me away with so much force that i landed on the marble floor…

‘My leg!!’..i cried out as I felt a cringing pain on my calf..