February 3, 2023

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Haunted. Episode 3

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Episode 3

By: Feathers

Nathan’s Pov:
I clumped down the stairs with my designers school bag hung over my shoulder.

I whistled with my lips and met mum at the dining.

“Son” she beamed.

“Good morning,mum” I greeted and planted a peck on her cheek.

“Good morning, love. You seem better this morning” she said with relief and I smiled.

“Come on, let’s have breakfast. You’re just in time” she offered as she took a seat.

“But I….”

“No excuses, Nathan. You’re eating with me and that’s final” she stated sternly and I grumbled and took a seat.

She poured me some tea while I dealt with the loaves of bread myself.

“Where’s dad?” I asked, taking a glance at the stairs.

“Oh! He’s busy in his room” she replied and I mouthed an *okay” and commenced eating.

I ate hurriedly cause I didn’t want to be left for classes. I hate it when I’m late for classes.

I rushed the meal, gulped the entire mug of tea and stood up with my bag.

“See you later, mum” I waved excitedly at her and scurried out of the house, before she’d reply:

“Take care of yourself, son”.

I got to the garage where my driver was already waiting for me, I got into the car and in no time, we were on our way to school.

I played games with my phone to beguile the time and after a long boring-less ride, we drove into the school compound.

“Have a nice day, sir” the driver said – as he always did – and I waved at him and proceeded to class.

Fortunately enough, I bumped into Crystal on the way.

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“Hey! Nathan!” She called excitedly and gave me a quick hug.

“Yeah…hi” I smiled at her and pushed her front hair aside.
I could swear that made her blush.

“Um…how was your night?” She asked as we continued walking along to class.

“Yeah…it was pretty cool,I guess” I shrugged.

“Seriously Nathan; you acted like a complete ghost yesterday – an annoying ghost at that. Why the hell were you so quiet at the party, huh? You ruined all the fun I had in mind” she grumbled with a cute pout.

“Yeah..I’m….I’m so worry, okay? Its actually complicated. But don’t worry, I’ll make it up to you during lunch today”.

She gasped.

“You’ll be treating me for lunch?” She asked, amazed and I nodded.

“Awwn! Aren’t you such a darling?? Thank you so much, Nathan” she squealed happily and hugged me again and I chuckled.

Well, Nathan and I have been friends for a long time now. And we were more like…besties.

We finally got to class and took our seats which were on a row. Her seat was directly behind mine.

On several occasions, she’d flick me from behind during classes and we’d laugh. There was a time we got detention when we were unfortunately caught by a teacher.
Not long after, the sound of heels from a really annoying shoe swallowed the class and we knew she was walking in – the class mistress and Biometrics teacher.

Seriously, I don’t understand where she gets her shoes from.

“Good day students” she greeted in her normal piquant tone as she walked to the front of the classroom.

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“Good morning, miss Becky” some of the students chorused.

There was someone with her.
Seems to be a new student.

“I trust you all had awesome nights?” She feigned a smile and half of the class mumbled a reply.

The lady with her was still walking like a snail to stand beside her. So, we were yet to see her face.

“Um…before we commence, I’m glad to introduce to you the new student” she announced and awaited the lady to stand beside her which she finally did.

And now…they were both facing the class.

She looked so timid as she fiddled with the zip of her bag.

“Please,,everyone, welcome Nessa Myers” the mistress announced and the whole class bursted into a round of applause.

But at that moment, felt my heart froze. My eyes itched.

My lungs became dry and my lips opened in shock and bewilderment.

All as I stared at her.

No way;

No way I’d never be able to recognize her.

The same lady from last night!!!!