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Haunted. Episode 10

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Episode 10

Master Dada’s POV

Oh! So this is the boy that always disturb Myers from fulfilling her mission. I will deal mercilessly with him today.

“You had the gut to kidnap my daughter.” I said to him.

“Your daughter!” He chuckled to my surprise and went to sit.

“Don’t even think I’m scared of you. Now…this girl here is not your daughter.” He said and I was stunned.

“Do you know the implication of forcefully kidnapping an innocent girl!” I asked him.

“You no longer refer to her as your daughter but now as an innocent girl.” He laughed and I angrily went to him.

I casted spells and stretched my hand to him. A wirl wind blew over him and carried him from where he sat to crash him on his dinning table.

He grinned in excruciating pain. I raised my hand and dropped it, the floresent and everything at the ceiling dropped and fell on him.

He cried out and began to struggle between life and death.

“You kidnap Myers and still have the gut to speak to me that way? You have no idea who I am.” I said and went to him.

I held his collar and pulled him from the stuffs that fell on him.

He was dangling like someone that had lost all strength.

“Stay away from Myers!” I said and gave him a blow on his nose.

Blood spilled as he fell to the floor.

I picked him up again.

“Stay away from my daughter , bloody fool.” I said and hit him again on his nose. Blood spilled and I let him fall again.

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Killing him will be better.

I casted the spell of death and wanted to stretch my hands to him but Myers stopped him.

“Master, please pardon him. He must have learnt his lessons.” She knelt as she let out with her head lowered.

I wonder why she was pleading for the guy’s life. He will never be useful for us or for my mission.

I heeded to her and walked out with Myers.

Nathan’s POV

I coughed out blood as I watched the man and Myers leave. I never knew the man is such a powerful being.

I was so exhausted and there was no one at home to carry me to the hospital.

I was hurt everywhere and felt like I would die. I lay where I was, I couldn’t move.

I was closing my eyes and loosing a lot of blood when everywhere suddenly started blinking in white and black.

At first, It was like it was happening in my mind, but it soon dawn on me that it was a reality.

What’s going on? Has the man changed his mind to come and kill me now?

Someone entered speedily, she got before me in few seconds, she was squatting and her hair was covering her face.

I raised my head well and saw that it was the lady that cried out for my help at that bush. I know her image and her face. It looks like that of Nessa myers ,though not really sure cause I had only met her once.

“He’s powerful, save me.” The lady said.

“How can I save you? Can’t you see the state I am? Everytime you come , you always hurt me , yet you will be telling me to save you. Are you Nessa Myers?” I asked weakly even as I find it hard to breathe.

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“I will heal you but promise to safe me.” She said.

“Huh? But how will I safe you…show me your face.” I said and she raised her head.

It was exactly like Nessa Myers.

“I do not know any Nessa Myers and I’m not visible to anyone except you. I was buried in the bush you saw me at by a very powerful man. I now live at the haunted house with the ghost. I’m chained and imprisoned and I can’t go back to my body. The only time I sneak out of my bondage is when my friend who is also a ghost sneaks in and free me. It’s time now, I must go.” She said and looked around.

She touched me and I went blind.

I felt her leaving and I couldn’t make any move or speak for for the next few seconds.

I faded out and lost consciousness.

I woke up hours later and found myself strong and agile, I can now see, I wasn’t feeling any pain in my body.

Could this strange lady be Nessa Myers soul?

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