March 29, 2023

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Bad Boy Romance. Episode 16

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????Bad Boy Romance????

Episode 16

(I’m naked!!!)
Brody’s POV

In The Principal’s Office
‘So the study program has drafted out a study time table for the both of you’..Principal Terian muttered under his breath as he passed a laminated sheet to me.I stared down at it and frowned deeply when I realised what content it carried..

‘For real P.T?? Study time by 12pm and 8am?? even on Saturdays??’..i protested and he frowned…

‘First of all it’s Principal Terian to you and not P.T,secondly your mother wanted you to have extra study hours and judging from your grades you really need it and —Oh Payton sit down’..he said and beckoned Payton who came into the office to sit down.I shot her a dirty look and she nervously evaded my gaze…

‘Good afternoon Principal Terian Brody’..She muttered and I sneered at her…

‘Good afternoon Payton,you got my letter i guess??’..Principal asked and she nodded.I sighed deeply waiting for him to say something else but he didn’t instead he just kept smiling…

‘I’ve said my part you two,you both can resolve the rest yourself please leave my office now’.He said.I hesitated for a while on the chair but when I met his frown I left his office immediately with Payton…

Ughh i knew it..

I knew mom would make sure I’m paired with Payton after my outburst last night…

‘So Uhhh what are we going to do?? Since you don’t want me to—

‘Shut the hell up and listen!!! We’re going to act like we’re study partners but we aren’t okay?? I’m gonna play video games and you’re gonna keep doing your nerdy stuff!!’..i screamed and walked away…

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There’s no way I’m going to let that poverty ridden animal tutor me,No fucking way!!!…

Payton’s POV

I sighed deeply as Brody walked away from me.He just doesn’t get the fact that I’m trying to help him,I don’t know why he doesn’t get it.After a minute I walked into Chemistry class…

‘Okay everybody put on your safely googles’..Mrs Humphrey beckoned as I walked towards my own work station.I watched in awe as everyone put on their lab coats and safety googles,some of which were even customized with their initials on the rims.Well I’ve asked mom to get me my own pair of googles and lab coat like my peers but she complained of not having enough to buy so I said no more..

‘Payton why aren’t you on your lab coat??’..Mrs Humphrey asked..

‘I..I..I don’t have one’..I stuttered in reply and everyone laughed..

‘I’m sorry but you can’t stay in my class without a coat and safety googles so can you please leave??’..Mrs Humphrey added.Tears welled up in my eyes as I noticed some of the girls murmuring and giggling behind my back.Why am I always the mocked one??Why am I always the poor one?? Why is everyone being so unfair to me??…

‘You know what?? You can stay’..Mrs Humphrey stopped me when I got to the door…

‘Thank you ma’..I muttered and smiled broadly going back to my work station.Maybe being the poor one ain’t so bad after all…

Brody’s POV

Hours later
I got home an hour after school was over because of Cooper’s party which i was planning.The whole house seemed quiet when I walked in.The kitchen tap was on and the Television was also on..

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What’s going on??..

I rushed upstairs and changed into my casual wear thinking I would run into Payton when i was done but no.I microwaved the left over burrito in the fridge and ate it over a can of soda and still —Payton didn’t come downstairs.

Okay that’s it!!!..

I went back upstairs to her room and opened the door only to get the shock of my life..

‘I’m naked!!!’..Payton screamed and i smirked not even bothering to close my eyes..

She has the nicest boobs I’ve ever seen though..

‘Jesus Christ Brody please go away I’m naked!!!’…