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Bad Boy’s Romance. Episode 15

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????Bad Boy Romance????

Episode 15

(Study Buddy)
Brody’s POV

The next morning
‘Hey man’..Cooper muttered tapping the back of my head as I walked down the school hallway.I noticed few female eyes winking at me but choose to ignore them since I was in a bad mood…

‘Hey Cooper’..i murmured in reply as I opened my locker..

‘Sheesh seems like you woke up at the wrong side of the bed this morning?? What’s wrong??’..He asked..

‘I’m just bummed actually though,my grades are slipping and mom is on my neck well forget about me anyway did you receive your ratio yesterday??’..I replied rhetorically and he snickered…

‘Yeah I got it,67% actually’..he responded and I smirked.He’s getting 67 and I’m getting 38 and we’re both friends.This isn’t s good development for me…

‘Lucky you,can you even imagine my mom asking political money to tutor me in Math??’..I said..

‘Really?? No shit!!’..He exclaimed and I shrugged my shoulders closing my locker.We both walked into class which was rowdy of course,Payton’s head was on her desk and from the looks of it she seemed to be sleeping..

‘Look guys,Political money is drooling!!!’..Cooper teased and everyone laughed with me included..

‘Settle down everyone!!’..Mr Rudolf yelled as he walked into the class and we all did as he instructed..

I glanced over at Payton who was awake already but was still drowsy from the woozy look in her eyes…

‘So today we’re going to be implementing a new study pattern for the rest of the term’..Mr Rudolf added and i frowned.He’s always implementing new patterns every year especially for class 12 just because there are a lot of dullards and dunces…

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‘Uh-Oh here we go again’..Stacy muttered and the whole class roared into laughter except Payton.Mr Rudolf cleared his throat and we all kept quiet to avoid incuring his wrath..

‘Well for the rest of the year we’re going to be implementing a new pattern called the STUDY BUDDY,students with a percentage of 60 and below would be paired with students with a percentage of 80 and above…We’ve drawn an algorithm and those who know about they’re poor performance would receive a letter in their locker,thank you guys!!’..He said and walked away…

The whole class began murmuring and i bowed my head in frustration.Study buddy??! Why do i feel like this pattern was inspired by me??…

‘Jeez dude I’m just lucky i don’t have a study buddy’..Cooper murmured from behind me and I grunted in reply…

School sucks!!!…

Payton’s POV

The school bell rung which signaled the fifth period to be over.I grabbed my books and went outside,opened my locker and then found a letter.I dropped my books and opened the letter which read thus;


Congrats Payton Carlson,
You are hereby selected to be a tutor in the STUDY BUDDY program.
You are both expected to head to the Principal’s office for your debrief..

The School Management..




Of all the people in this school why would my study buddy be Brody Anderson??.He obviously doesn’t want me to tutor him and now the school wants me to tutor him??..

Brody’s POV

‘Do you have a study buddy??’..Copper asked me as i walked over to my locker..

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‘Yeah I think so judging from my ratio’..I replied opening the locker and that’s when I found the letter.I knew it!!!..

‘Uh-oh there’s the letter..well..go ahead and check who your study Buddy is!’..he beckoned.I quickly opened the letter and when I read that contents I balled the paper and threw it in the bin…

‘My Study buddy is that puny Payton!!! Gosh i can’t believe this!!’..