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Haunted. Episode 5

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Episode 5

Nessa Myers POV

“I didn’t take you to that school cause I love you.” Master said.

“I know sir.” I replied on my knees with my head lowered.

“I didn’t take you to that school cause I want a better education for you.” Master said.

“Very well sir.” I replied with head still lowered.

“I sent you there on a mission and you must accomplish it. You know what will happen if you did not accomplish it?” Master asked.

“Yes Master!” I replied with my head lowered.

“Good!” I could hear the master sighed.

Following Morning!

I got dressed and ready for school, I have decided to keep my mission at heart. I wouldn’t let anyone or anything sway me away from the master’s mission.

I arrived at school at just few minutes to 8AM, the school was busy with students strolling up and down.

I brought the master’s book and began to look for the diagram of the first Lady I was to bring down.

I finally found the lady, she looked beautiful and was leaning by the balcony of the school.

She looked so gorgeous but sadly, her soul is for the master!

I was happy that I will be taking the first one down in seconds. I took steps closer to the lady when the boy of yesterday appeared before me.

He was handsome but I don’t care.
He’s got seducing dimples but I don’t care.
He’s alluring and his scent are so awesome but I still do not care.

I’m not here for any love shit.

“Hey! Good morning.” He greeted.

“Stay away from me.” I said and try to walk pass her but he wouldn’t let me.

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“Myers, Do you live in that bush?” He asked.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” I said and I prayed that the lady will not escape.

I can only submit her soul to the master within the hours of 3AM in the morning and 9AM same morning.

I checked my time and it’s few minutes to 9AM.

Time is almost over and I should at least submit a soul to the master today.

What sort of a frustrating guy is this?

“Stay away from me.” I screamed and tried to walk away but he wouldn’t let me still.

“Just tell me the truth and I would let you go.” He said and I feel like hitting him.

Who is he to think he can know the truth about me? If only he knows who I am.

9AM finally clocks and he wouldn’t still let me go, few minutes after 9AM, he smiled and said; “I’ll see you by break period, I’ve got mathematics!”

He walked away.

I hit my fist on the wall angrily. Is he crazy? He just stopped me from accomplishing my first mission.

Now, master will deal mercilessly with me this night.