December 3, 2022

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My V. Bride. Chapter 4

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My V. Bride.

Written by Feathers

Chapter 4

Fred’s POV

It was 5PM in the evening, I was laying on the biggest chair in the living room watching the television and waiting for Sonia’s arrival.

I couldn’t stop thinking about her last words before she left home. She said she doesn’t hug in her family, what sort of family doesn’t hug?

If they don’t hug, does that mean that they don’t have s*x too?

I need to ask her that as soon as she comes.

The door creaked open and she entered.

“Welcome baby!” I greeted her with a smile.

“Yeah, is my food on the table?” She asked and before I could even answer, she walked to the dinning and start to eat.

“Erm…so how much do you need to stock the remaining food stuffs home?” She asked as she ate.

“Around $2000.” I replied.

“Remind me tomorrow.” She said and continued eating.

“Erm..Sonia, don’t you think you should add some respect with the way you speak to me, is it because I’m not working?”

She scoffed. “Am I suppose to be referring to you as ‘my Lord?” She giggled.

I sough. “Sonia…you said you don’t hug in your families, does that mean you don’t have s*x too?” I asked so I can know what I’m eeally into.

“Of course we have s*x, that’s a must for every marriage.” She said and finished eating.

“So why are we not having it yet?” I asked.

“Baby! I’m really scared.”

“Scared of what? It’s not making sense and its frustrating me.” I said.

She lowered her head.

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“I feel like you are scolding me.” She said.

“Scold? No, I’m just telling you the truth. Now, follow me.” I commanded and she looked at my face fearfully.

She stood and followed me to our room.

“Pull off those clothes of yours.” I commanded her and she obliged slowly.

“Good! Don’t say or do anything, just watch me as I f**k the hell out of you.” I said and carried her to the bed.

I pulled off my trousers and happy inside of me that she is obliging to all my commands.

I’m sure she will love to start making love after I’m done with her. I’ll make her enjoy it so bad.

“Dear, if you do this, no money for you tomorrow.” She said.

“What’s that suppose to mean? Are you saying you won’t give me money for foods and other stuffs I need?” I asked.

“Yes.” She replied.

“But Sonia, there is nothing wrong with us making love.” I let out.

“I’m scared.”