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My V Bride. Chapter 93

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My V Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 93

Fred’s POV

Two weeks later!

I had not visited Anita in those two days, she had sent a lot of messages, begging me to come and sometimes ,threatening me to come.

I ignored all and began to wonder if the pregnancy is really mine , but I can’t confirm yet until she give birth to the baby.

I’ll need to do a DNA test with the baby to confirm, but why would I even wish that she should not have baby when Sonia won’t get pregnant with one.

Somia who had gone to work since morning walked inside.

I turned to her and stood.

“Welcome baby.” I said but I didn’t make any move to hug her cause I know she would reject it.

She had not been cool with me for the past two weeks.

She went to sit at the couch instead of going to her room, she searched her handbag and brought out a file

She threw it to the floor and I bent to pick it.

I was nervous, wondering what could be there.

I picked and saw that it was her pregnancy result.

I screamed happily, “Really, you are
two weeks pregnant!”

She did not say any word or give any expression of any kind but rather walked inside.

Shouldn’t she be happy that she got pregnant?

I ran to her and said; “Sonia, forgive me for impregenating Anita, that child might not even be mine, stop acting towards me this way, please.” I pleaded.

“Stay away from me.” Sonia said and went to l–Ay on the bed, she turned like she was sleeping.

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—Five months later–

Anita had delivered her baby and Sonia was now heavily pregnant.

I drove to Anita’s house told her that I needed to do a DNA test on the baby.

She rejected but I forcefully took the baby from her and took him away with me.

I arrived at the hospital and did the DNA test, it was confirmed that the baby was not of my blood.

The baby is not mine.

I collected the result of the DNA test and can not wait to show Rose.

I went back to Anita and gave her the baby.

I showed the result of the DNA test to her and she couldn’t deny.

“You almost destroyed my marriage!” I said to her and ran home to meet Sonia.

Two more episodes to complete the story.