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My V Husband. Chapter 21

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My V. Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 21

Rose’s POV


It’s weekend, the environment seems cool, the sun shines brightly and the cold weather could be felt inside.

I was in my pyjamas as I engage in some house chores around the house.

???? Heavenly Lord , your name is wonderful ????
???? your name is excellent ????
???? your name is beautiful, I worship you Lord.. ????

I sang as I got myself fully engrossed in the house chores. The visitors bell rang and I paused and wondered who the visitor could be.

If it were Sonia , she would tell me that she would be coming.

I went to the door nevertheless and I was surprised to see Jack; Ethan’s friend.

“Hi Jack!” I called his name happily as we hugged.

“How are you doing Rose?” He asked smiling.

“I’m fine, come over!” I welcomed him to the living room and went ahead and call on Ethan.

“He will be here soon!” I said to Jack, who was dressed beautifully.

“Thank you.” He said.

“And…what will you like to eat?” I asked.

“Oh!” He chukled lightly. “Sincerely, I ate before I came.” He replied like a gentle man.

“Jack!” Ethan called as he walked towards us.

The two friends greeted themselves while I excused them.

But I didn’t really excuse them, I was out of their sight but I will hear everything they would talk about.

“How is the package, Jack?” Ethan asked almost in a whisper.

“Almost done. ” He replied.

“Okay…okay…And erm…has she come to meet you after that time you met at the party?” Ethan asked.

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“No. Ethan…I sincerely didn’t understand you. What is it that you can not make love with your own wife, she’s your legal wife for crying out loud, you are only torturing her.” Jack said.

“Indeed.” Ethan said and looked away. “See…I’m only trying to protect her p**sy, I have a s*x doll that services me anytime I’m h-o-r-n-y, so tell me why I should stress her p*-s-sy?”Ethan asked.

“You are talking in the rubbish Ethan, you are talking in the thing that doesn’t make sense, how do you want her to give birth?” Jack asked.

“Hum! I have an offer for you!” Ethan said.

“Tell me about it?” Jack asked.

“I know you like…I mean love Rose, is that true?” Ethan asked.

“How can I love your wife…what sort of…” Jack couldn’t complete his statement before Ethan interrupted.

“Help me impregnate her and I’ll pay you handsomely.” Ethan said and anger arose in me.

I felt like knacking him something on his head. How can he sell me out so cheap, why is it so hard for him to make love with me.

So he would rather tell his friend to make love with me than he making love with me?

No! That’s enough, I’m filing for divorce!

I was about walking away when I heard Ethan called. “Rose!”

I walked into their sight and both men bursted into laughter.

“What’s funny?” I asked.

“It’s a prank, we know you were listening.” Jack said.

“Don’t even think of divorce, I will never do something of such to you.” Ethan said and stood.

“I need to kiss my wife.” He said and I was stunned.

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Really? Kiss me?

Ethan walked very close to me and touched his lips with his finger, he placed those fingers on my lips and smiled.

“I just kissed her” he told his friend as he went to sit.

Is this one normal like this? Is that kiss?