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My V Husband. Chapter 171

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My V Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 171

Rose’s POV

I went to sit beside him and looked at the side of his face, “Joe, please…don’t be angry.”

“I’m not angry, mom. Let’s wait for the result of the test.” He said like an adult.

I sighed and rested on the chair. Few minutes later, a doctor walked in, he was dressed in his white lab coat and a stethoscope was hung around his neck.

“Here is the result.”The doctor stretched the result forward to my father. He received it and read it, my heart was beating faster, hoping the result states that Ethan is the father of Joe.

” Thank you doctor.” My father said, the doctor nodded and walked away.

Ethan took few steps away and leaned by the wall, he folded his arms and rested one of his legs to the wall.

“Ethan!” My father faced him and called.

“Same result, right?” He asked.

My father turned to me, his look was pale. I knew at once that the result wasn’t as I expected. Evans must have drugged me and slept with me then.

No wonder he once told me to ask Ethan who really owns the baby, but does that mean Ethan had been aware all this while that Joe does not belong to him.

“Yes, Ethan. The result clearly states…” My father paused and turned to Joe. He signalled for me to carry him out.

“I’m not leaving, let me know if he isn’t my father.” Joe screamed.

“Oh!” My father exclaimed on seeing his reaction. “Well, scientifically and biologically, Ethan isn’t your father.”

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I lowered my head shamefully, Joe got down at once and stood before me, “Mom, why did you sleep with someone else?”

Huh? who taught this little boy all this stuff?

“Common Joe, I did not cheat on your dad, I did not know how it happened.” I said.

“My dad? He’s not my dad anymore. So who is my dad?” He asked.

“I don’t know.” I cried.

“Is he dead, is he in a different country? why won’t you know?” He asked?

“Joe, it’s complicated, please trust me.” I cried bitterly.

“Don’t cry again, mom. I love you. Let’s leave Uncle Ethan and start a life of our own, I have watched similar stuffs in movies, I’ll make you proud.” He said and came to hug me.

I hugged him and cried more, I couldn’t look at my dad or Ethan.

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  1. I’m happy Rose remembered what Evans said, I hope you confront him on that ???? so sad Evans isn’t alive anymore ????

  2. Oh
    Why is ethan behaving like this na,couldn’t him believe his wife
    Am really feel pity 4 rose how i wish the truth would be out soon

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